Tata Now Offers Dark Edition For Three More Models

The carmaker has launched the Dark Editions of the Altroz, Nexon, Nexon EV, and Harrier


  • Only the Altroz’s petrol variants have got the Dark Edition.
  • The all-black Nexon Dark Edition is priced from Rs 10.40 lakh.
  • Dark Edition in the Nexon EV is limited to the top two trims.
  • The Harrier Dark Edition gets cosmetic updates.

Tata Motors has launched the Dark Editions of the Altroz, Nexon, Nexon EV, and Harrier. Of these, the Harrier Dark Edition has been updated with distinct design changes to stand out from the others.

The Dark Editions are limited to the top-spec variants, and all four models sport a full-black finish for that stealthy look. Read on to know more in detail. 


Altroz Variants

Standard Colour

Dark Edition 


XZ+ NA Petrol

Rs 8.41 lakh 

Rs 8.71 lakh

Rs 30,000

XZ+ i-Turbo

Rs 9.06 lakh 

Rs 9.36 lakh

Rs 30,000

  • The Altroz Dark Edition commands a Rs 30,000 premium over the standard colours.  

  • Only the Altroz’s top-spec XZ+ trim’s petrol variants get the Dark Edition. 

  • The premium hatch is finished in a Cosmo Black exterior shade. The alloy wheels, which are the same as the standard model, have a black tint to them. 

  • On the inside, the Altroz Dark Edition features an all-black dashboard with gloss black inserts. 

  • The seats are finished in black with a dark blue tri-arrow pattern. Also, the front headrests come with the ‘Dark’ badging. 

  • Tata also took this opportunity to offer the Altroz Dark Edition with a tyre repair kit.


Nexon Variants

Standard Colour

Dark Edition 




Rs 9.96 lakh 

Rs 10.40 lakh 

Rs 44,000


Rs 10.56 lakh 

Rs 11 lakh 

Rs 44,000

XZ (O) +

Rs 10.86 lakh 

Rs 11.30 lakh 

Rs 44,000

XZA (O) +

Rs 11.46 lakh 

Rs 11.90 lakh

Rs 44,000



Rs 11.29 lakh

Rs 11.74 lakh

Rs 45,000


Rs 11.89 lakh

Rs 12.34 lakh 

Rs 45,000

XZ (O) +

Rs 12.19 lakh 

Rs 12.64 lakh

Rs 45,000

XZA (O) +

Rs 12.79 lakh 

Rs 13.24 lakh 

Rs 45,000

  • Petrol variants of the Dark Edition command a Rs 44,000 premium, while the diesel variants are pricier by Rs 45,000

  • The Nexon Dark Edition is priced from Rs 10.40 lakh. 

  • Unlike the Altroz, both petrol and diesel variants of the Nexon get the Dark Edition. 

  • The SUV is finished in an Atlas Black shade (present in the outgoing Harrier Dark), while the 16-inch charcoal alloy wheels add a dash of contrast. 

  • Like the Altroz, the Nexon’s dashboard and doors are finished in all-black with gloss black highlights. 

  • Even the seats with the dark blue tri-arrow pattern look similar to the hatchback. 

  • The SUV is also offered with a puncture repair kit, which should come in handy in the case of a flat tyre. 

Nexon EV

Nexon EV Variants

Standard Colour

Dark Edition 



Rs 15.56 lakh 

Rs 15.99 lakh

Rs 43,000

XZ+ Lux

Rs 16.56 lakh 

Rs 16.85 lakh 

Rs 29,000

  • The Nexon EV Dark Edition is pricier by up to Rs 43,000. 

  • The Nexon EV Dark Edition, priced from Rs 15.99 lakh, is limited to the top two trims. 

  • The electric vehicle is draped in a Midnight Black shade, with blue inserts on the front and rear bumpers. 

  • The dashboard is similar to  the standard Nexon Dark Edition, but with a dash of blue, signifying that it’s the emission-free model. 

  • Tata has also thrown into the mix additional features like a tyre pressure monitoring system and a tyre puncture repair kit. 

  • Also, the mid-spec XZ+ will now feature a rear centre armrest with cupholders, a 60:40 rear seat split, and an adjustable rear seat headrest. 


Harrier Variants

Standard Colour

Dark Edition 


XT (Discontinued)

Rs 16.87 lakh 

Rs 17.07 lakh 

Rs 20,000


Rs 17.67 lakh

Rs 18.04 lakh 

Rs 37,000

XZ (Discontinued)

Rs 18.17 lakh 

Rs 18.36 lakh 

Rs 19,000


Rs 19.42 lakh

Rs 19.89 lakh 

Rs 47,000

XZA (Discontinued)

Rs 19.42 lakh

Rs 19.61 lakh

Rs 19,000


Rs 20.62 lakh

Rs 21.09 lakh

Rs 47,000. 

  • The updated Harrier Dark Edition is now dearer by up to Rs 47,000. The outgoing Dark Edition was only Rs 20,000 more expensive. 

  • The Harrier Dark Edition is now limited to the XT+, XZ+, and XZA+. The all-black colour has been discontinued in the XT, XZ, and XZA. 

  • The SUV wears an updated Oberon Black shade with a tinge of dark blue. 

  • The SUV sits on larger 18-inch alloy wheels instead of the regular Harrier’s 17-inch units. 

  • Also, the chrome strip above the window line with the ‘Harrier’ embossing is now finished in piano black. 

  • The Harrier Dark Edition now comes in an all-black headliner. 

  • Even the seat upholstery now features a dark blue tri-arrow pattern similar to the Altroz and Nexon Dark Edition. 

  • The SUV also packs a tyre puncture repair kit. 


The Dark Editions have certainly upped the stealth quotient of all four models. Of course, you will have to shell out a premium for that. Which of these would you want in your garage? Let us know in the comments below. 

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