Honda Takes A Dig At Competition

Honda introduced CBS in 2009 which has become a government mandate for two wheelers smaller than 125cc only now

Update: Honda has launched the Activa 6G with prices starting at Rs 63,912 (ex-showroom Delhi). The scooter will be available in dealerships by the end of January, 2020 . Know more about the variants, performance and other details here.
Honda CBS

Before it became a compulsion to have the safety system on any two-wheeler below 125cc, Honda 2 Wheelers India had been speccing out its scooters with Combi-Brake System (CBS) since 2009. The Activa was the first to come with this safety feature with the rest of Honda’s scooter lineup and a few motorcycles following suit. 10 years on, thanks to the Indian government mandating CBS for all two-wheelers under 125cc from 1 April 2019, Honda has pounced on the opportunity to take a sly dig at other manufacturers by welcoming them to the year 2009.

Honda CBS

With the deadline of 1 April 2019 (for CBS mandate to kick in entirely) looming large now, Honda is taking pride in being the market leader. When first introduced, most of us enthusiasts were very much apprehensive of the tech robbing us of our stupid slides, but we knew that it was going to be beneficial for the masses in general. Especially in India, CBS comes in very handy as most Indian commuters have a tendency of applying the rear brake only. Want to know how CBS works and how it is different from ABS, click here.

Will we see anyone stepping up and giving it back to them? Well, let’s just wait and watch.

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