• Q. How is the braking of Cruiser 220? How much distance will it require to halt from 60-0? Does it tend to skid during hard braking - Avenger Cruise 220?

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    Manohar | 1 month ago

    Braking system is average in Avengers but applying both the Breaks to stop bike from 60-0 will workout, Now rear disc is available in new models.Ensure the handle is straight while applying front break either your in 40 km or 140 km, it will not skid unless handle is turned or tilted.I have rode the bike for continuous, long and on rough roads too, it never given me the problem.Suggestion is to use rear brake and next go for Front break (Apply 1st Rear break & next apply Front break release the rear for a sec vice versa )

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    Kshitij | 1 year ago

    Although I haven't measured using a scale, I would say the brakes on the Cruise 220 are pretty solid. The stopping distance is highly dependant on your riding experience and if you use engine braking. For obvious reasons, the braking distance would be less if you apply both the brakes, but in case of hard braking, the rear does tend to lock and skid. I've had quote a few instances in my 35000 kms of riding this baby, but I could manage to stabilize it. A 100-0 stop roughly takes about 6-8 seconds.

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    Peter | 1 month ago

    In term of braking the bike take more time to stop cos it does not have disc from the rear! If it was a disc then it will definitely take less time as compared to drum!

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    Swami | 6 days ago

    Breaking is very good but remember due to lack of knowledge of air pressure in tyre people maintain wrong air pressure plz read manual for reference.

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    Dave | 4 months ago

    Yes there is a skid issue if you apply hard breaking my personal experience it will take roughly 15Ft. to stop 60-0.

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    Pattarbhiran | 4 months ago

    I never dared to try braking at Sixty speed. My age, 54 is one reason. But braking is not excellent as per me.

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    Mohan | 5 days ago

    It's about 6-8 meters

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    Amar | 1 month ago


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    Nithin | 4 months ago

    Braking is good, bike didn't skid during hard braking. 60 in 4 sec ( abs braking with sensor)

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    Royal | 1 month ago


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