Motorcycle tyre tread check

Two-wheeler tyres are the most crucial link between the rider and the road. So don't take them lightly and pay extra attention

Checking Tyre Tread with one rupee coin



Tyre tread check needs to be done regularly as it indicates the health and grip levels on the tyre plus the tyre's ability to dispense water and increase grip levels when riding on wet roads. To check the condition of the tyre tread, there are tread measuring meters readily available in the market while there is also an easier and home-method method to do the same check:


1. Use the 1 rupee coin to check the health of the tyre tread


2. Place the coin vertically between the treads and hold it firmly so that it is straight


3. If the embossed text ‘rupee’ on the coin is fully visible, it is time to change the tyre


4. Some tyres also come with tread wear markers that tell you when the tyre needs replacement

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