Cleaning and polishing motorcycle tyres

Three easy steps to polish your two-wheeler's tyres for an even shine

Tyre Polishing

Similar to waxing, tyres should also be polished to add sheen to your vehicle. Here is a no-hassle technique to do so:

Step I:
Make sure your tyres a have been cleaned using a sponge to remove the dirt and grime from them while it is being washed. Allow the vehicle, especially the tyres to dry

Step II:
Once fully dried, apply polish evenly on sidewalls. While applying, do small circular movements to get an even spread and reach every corner of the sidewall

Step III:
Allow the polish to dry. Take a soft cloth and wipe off the polish to get a shine

The aforementioned technique is the easiest and best process to polish tyres. Do not use a hard scrubber as it could damage the sidewall. Also, there's no point polishing the contact patch as it is bound to get dirty.


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