Bike battery maintenance tips

  • Nov 5, 2012
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The battery is the heart of a bike's electrical system. Here are tips to increase its life
Check fluid level regularly


Check the water level every other week. Use the minimum and maximum markers inside the cells as guides. The electrolyte cells of regular motorcycle batteries should be topped up with distilled water and not tap water. Distilled water has no impurities so batteries are not stressed and therefore last longer.

Terminals should be clean

Clean the terminals:

The terminals should be cleaned to prevent corrosion which can cause problems starting the bike. Cleaning regularly prevents the buildup of dirt and sediments. The terminals can be cleaned with the help of a brush.

Loose connections:

The terminals should be cleaned with a brush to prevent corrosion and accumulation of dirt and sediments. 

Replace fuse periodically


Faulty fuses are a common reason for breakdown. Replace old fuse even if it is in working condition. Keep a spare fuse in your tool kit.

Inspect your battery for leaks:

Check battery for leaks. Water can get inside the casing and cause the metal connectors to rust. Leakages should be rectified immediately. 

Additional tips:

Wear gloves for protection from electrolytes while refilling battery with distilled water.

Remove the battery if you are not going to use your bike for a long time. Store the battery on a wooden, plastic or thick cardboard surface.

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