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Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 Latest Updates

The Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 now comes with a BS6-compliant motor. While it is yet to be officially launched, Royal Enfield has already revealed the Interceptor 650 BS6’s pricing on its website. Pricing for the Interceptor 650 BS6 starts at Rs 2,64,919 (ex-showroom Delhi). The pricing has now gone up by Rs 8,500 to Rs 9,000 depending on the variant. The BS6-compliant motorcycle remains cosmetically and mechanically unchanged though.

Interceptor 650 Specifications

The Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 BS6 continues to use the same 647.9cc air-cooled and fuel-injected powerplant. While Royal Enfield has not yet revealed the power output, the BS6-compliant motor is expected to deliver the same 47PS and 52Nm as its BS4 predecessor. It gets a 6-speed gearbox with a slipper clutch. The Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 BS6 continues to use the same underpinnings as before. It gets a dual-cradle frame with telescopic forks and dual gas-charged shock absorbers. Braking is via a 320mm front and 240mm rear disc brake with dual-channel ABS. It gets 18-inch aluminium wheels shod with Pirelli Phantom Sportcomp tyres.

Interceptor 650 Variants

The Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 BS6 comes in six colours. While the Orange Crush, Silver Spectre and Mark 3 are priced at Rs 2,64,919; the Ravishing Red and Baker Express cost Rs 2,72,806. The most expensive variant is the chromed out Glitter and Dust that retail for Rs 2,85,951.

Interceptor 650 Design

The Interceptor 650 BS6 gets a simple yet eye-catching retro design. The BS6 and BS4 Interceptor 650’s look identical and Royal Enfield have even managed to neatly hide the catalytic converter underneath the motor. In fact, the only way to tell them apart is a BS6 stamp on the BS6 motorcycle’s engine cooling fin. It continues to be available in six colours: Orange Crush, Silver Spectre, Mark 3, Ravishing Red, Baker Express and Glitter and Dust.

Interceptor 650 Features

The Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 BS6 gets basic features like a halogen headlamp setup, bulb tail lamp and bulb turn indicators. It gets a twin-pod analogue instrument console with a digital inset. The console includes the speedometer, tachometer, with a digital fuel gauge and odometer.

Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 Competitors

The Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 BS6 has no direct competitors except for its sibling, the Royal Enfield Continental GT 650 BS6. Price-wise, it competes with the Honda CB300R and KTM 390 Duke BS6.

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Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 Price

Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 price start at Rs. 2.65 lakh (Ex-Showroom). Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 is offered in only one variant - STD BS6.

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648 cc |
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Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 News Updates

Editor's View of Royal Enfield Interceptor 650

  • Upside

    Value-for money, torquey motor, the most refined Royal Enfield bike on sale

  • Downside

    Lacks features. Rear suspension is too soft, uncomfortable seat

  • Our Verdict

    Surprisingly, the Interceptor 650 feels less like a Royal Enfield and more like a 90’s Honda -- such is the refinement level and performance on offer. The motor is a gem with loads of torque from the get go and a nice soundtrack accompanying it. Quality and fit and finish levels are quite good and the motorcycle feels built to last. This is easily the best Royal Enfield out there.

Must Read Questions & Answers Before Buying Interceptor 650

Q. Are there any heating issue and can I take it for a long drive - Interceptor 650?
  • There is but not very serious. By riding at a steady speed helps in keeping the bike cooler. As far as long rides are concerned I don't think there will be any problem because of the effortless power delivery.
  • Minimal heating.Yes you can obviously go for long drives as it is an amazing tourer and.you would love to ride it on open roads.
  • Yes we can feel the heat in city driving conditions . Not in long drives.
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Q. There is a tik tik noise before it (bs6 interceptor 650 just did 1160 km) engine After service and first service the RE service center mechanics have adjusted the valve clearance still remains. What should i do now somebody help me.
  • Please warm up the engine 3-5 minutes before moving.The noise may be coming from the valves not getting the proper lubrication.The noise should come down to normal level after warm up.If it still does produce that noise take to service center for a valve clearance recheck.Hope this helps! Happy riding!
Q. Which bike either sports bike or RE will suits fr 6.2 feet person - Interceptor 650?
  • Both the sports bike and the RE Interceptor 650 are suitable for your height.Depends whether you want fast speeds and faster rate of acceleration which is in a sports bike or a Retro Bike which can consistently ride at 120-140 km/hr with quite good acceleration like the Interceptor 650.Hope this helps! Happy riding!
  • A sports bike would be very uncomfortable for you due to the seating position.. An RE interceptor would be a better alternative.
  • Int 650 is good for the purpose. But still I suggest you try KTM Duke 390 once & than take your decision.
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Q. Is it a BS6 engine or BS4 only - Interceptor 650?
  • As per the user manual it seems to be BS-IV(or BS4) and not BS-VI(or BS6). @Zigwheels so are you trying to say that it is BS-VI READY?
  • As per the user manual it seems to be BS-IV(or BS4) and not BS-VI(or BS6). So are you trying to say that it is BS-VI READY?
  • As per the user manual it seems to be BS-IV(or BS4) and not BS-VI(or BS6). So are you trying to say that it is BS-VI READY?
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Q. We want to choose between Interceptor and Himalayan, which is better. Have issue of back pain.
  • I own both the Himalayan and the Interceptor and I can definitely say with authority that with the himalayan you wont have a back pain. Ride is more comfortable due to the seating posture and the seat itself. Same goes for the pillion rider as well. What you will get is a solid freaking headache considering the Himalayan has so many other issues that you get fed up spending most of your time in RE service centers. I own a BS3 model. So I hope the later models have these issues sorted. Interceptor on the hand was built for a different purpose and tall riders (5 foot 9 and above) will have problems with their back. This is because of the seating posture. But there are work arounds to this. its a great bike and is open to customization unlike the Himalayan.
  • I can vouch for the comfort that Himalayan has to offer since I have taken it to places where most other bikes would just give up. Even on tarmac the soft sprung suspension of the Himalayan is much more comfortable than the Interceptor. However, the thrill that you experience riding the Interceptor is a whole new experience . Take a test ride of both & decide for yourself . Or just wait for a few months as RE should be launching the Himalayan 650 by the end of this year & that would surely be one hell of a machine.
  • I have Interceptor, when I Test Drove Himalayan, I felt has a better riding posture & comfort, seats are best. Interceptor is for those who love the mean machines for sheer power & pickup above 90Kmph, you will get a great tremendous performance. Interceptor is a highway performer and on some rough roads. I believe Himalayan is a great package as all rounder for that price. Latest BS-4 is of great build quality. If you want a best comfort in a bike and not looking for more speed greater than 90 Kmph smoothly, then Himalayan is great. Interceptor is a blend of power & performance and a heavy weight sports champion. My suggestion is for your height, stature and your body build, you need to take a sincere unbiased test drive of both of these on a longer ride, forget the others reviews on the internet when you do a test drive and buy which suits you well, keeping in mind what exactly you want. That will give you peace of mind.
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Q. I am booked Interceptor 650. Just wanted to know will I wait for BS6 or buy the current model in the showroom. Can you tell the difference between BS4 & BS6 on the Interceptor only?
  • If you are looking for vehicles with discounts, the end of this year would be the best time to buy a BS4-era bike. As manufacturers gear up towards getting their BS6 products on the road, they will be offering significant discounts on their BS4 counterparts to clear stock. They would try to do so well before the April 2020 deadline to avoid any unsold BS4 stock. So we expect most manufacturers to stop selling BS4 bikes by early 2020. You could go bargain hunting then as the few unsold stocks could attract huge discounts. The reason to go for a BS6 vehicle despite the increased costs would be the added features. Also, you would be polluting the environment less. a transition from BS4 to BS6 has in most cases resulted in a minor drop in power. According to the upcoming emission norms, BS6-compliant two-wheelers should be 25 percent cleaner than their BS4 counterparts. While BS4 vehicles are currently allowed a NOx (Nitrous Oxide) pollutant level of 80mg/km, BS6-compliant vehicles will have NOx levels reduced to 60 mg/km.
  • Please purchase the BS 6 Interceptor.They have made a significant improvement over the BS4 model.The engine is smoother,the acceleration better, exhaust note beautiful and suspension great.The average fuel economy has improved.Hope this helps! Happy riding!
  • BS6 would generate more heat as the BS6 Exhaust would have bigger Cat converter. But would emit even lesser Co2.
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  • 4.2

    Riding my classic 350 was a great experience. I used to cruise on it and most of the times the torque, the seat the engine were all adequate. Then came the interceptor and it just took one test ride to realise what I was missing. On 27 Nov 2018 my satisfied life just turned upside down and got intercepted by the interceptor. I booked it then and there as I had no other way of achieving nirvana again. I booked the ravishing red colour but changed it to Orange crush as that was being delivered faster. I was told a waiting period of 120 days (and nights). Time was passing by I was riding my classic 350 as usual and having a jolly good time dreaming about my very own interceptor. You tube kept me sane as there were plethora of interceptor videos available to keep me occupied. On republic day I was going about my business as usual and I got a call from cruiser motors Dwarka that my interceptor is on its way and should reach by 27th Jan. I was pleasantly surprised and we decided that at 1400 hrs on 27 Jan,19 I will upgrade to interceptor. The PDI went well. After doing all the formalities I finally got the key at 1600 hrs. I rode it back happily. I was instructed to use only extra premium/ speed petrol and never to fill the tank to the brim. Keep tyre pressure as 32 in front and 36/39 in rear. Also not to ride the bike more than 75-80 for first 2000 kms ( lot of patience needed). I have been using it for daily 38 km commute to office and on weekend around city drives and a few tours of three to five days/1500-3000 kms. I have completed 9000 kms ( boy, have they been good!!). I have following observations -:Pros1. The bike is butter smooth. It has negligible vibrations.2. Engine delivers power in a smooth manner ( ps: its no KTM 390or even apache 300).3. Great road presence.4. Very relaxed engine ( due to low compression ratio of 1:9.5) 5. Absolutely no heat issues even in exteme bumper to bumper traffic. Just a warm breeze on your legs. It does misses on low speed in very extreme traffic and hot conditions due to engine heating.6. An all-rounder bike. Excellent on highways and quite manageable in city.Cons1. Rider footpegs have an ergonomic problem. ( It takes time to get used to).2. Tank feels a little thin to hold.( Solutions are available, keep reading to find out mine).3. Seat is absolutely pathetic. Even in city ride of 18 kms/ 30 mins it is uncomfortable. ( Got it modified from karol bagh. Added a little foam next to thighs, and got a pillion raise and guess what, My footpeg and tank issue went away to quite some extent. ( Now I can live with them).4. The clutch gap keeps increasing on its own. ( The clutch wire is touching the meters console and every time you turn the handle right it rubs and rolls resulting in automatic movement of clutch adjusting screw next to lever) FIX- tighten the screw to the max and adjust the clutch gap full and final from adjustment screws on the crank case.5. Two massive silencers keep geeting scratched especially the left one. Innocent auto walas especially do that.Service cost1. Got the first service done at 501 kms.2. Only oil change and basic checks and adjustments.3. Took four hours for service.4. Total cost : Rs 2675 only.5. Next service at 10000 or 1 year whichever happens earlier.Milleage. Overall 25 kmpl. Best 32 and worst 18.8 ( with normal fuel) otherwise 23 (with extra premium).

  • 2.2

    I own a Interceptor (got it in December). Like most people, my bike also had issues with hard clutch and that tak tak sound since after the first service.I visited #TeknikMotorcycles Sarjapur, #Bangalore couple of times for this issue and they couldn"t fix it. Lately, clutch became too hard to even shift gears, so I called RE officials and they sent an engineer to Teknik Service center to look after the issue. Some friends had suggested me that it"s a clutch play issue so it can be fixed easily. But engineer said they will deliver the bike in few hours.Now it has been 6 days and my bike is still at the service center. Everyday I have to chase them to get an update and they give me shocking reason.What they told me is,Day 1: Local engineers couldn"t understand the problem so they have called engineers from the plant.Day 2: Plant engineers are checking the issue.Day 3: Plant engineers have called for a meeting and doing some R&D.Day 4: They have decided to change the original clutch parts etc.Day 5: Waiting for clutch parts to arrive from Chennai plant.Day 6 (today): They have found some abnormalities in the clutch play and connected areas in engine so they are seeking an approval to change the #Engine.Whaaaat!!! Why is that required? I don"t know if I should be worried to hear this now. They are asking for another 3 days again for more R&D and testing.I don"t understand what kind a joke is this. Royal Enfield has been promoting twins by saying that they have been working on these bikes for 10 years. I mean this is what they worked upon in 10 years?I was so happy with the bike but getting to know these things are worrying me. Cost of this bike is not less. Its just right amount for this bike. Its just the engine is powerful, otherwise quality seem to be very low.

  • 4.2

    Interceptor is very good in Performance. Good Braking. Driving position is good. Standard seat is hard for long drives.Pillion seating is not comfortable because of elevated foot pegs. Heating is little bit in high city driving conditions. Suspension is bouncy making thud noise in little bad & Very bad roads . Suspension is Very Good in highways. Interceptor is definitely not a zero vibration bike. It is creating vibration in foot peg areas , Side of the fuel tank & Minor development started in handle bar area. Fuel gauge is improper/inaccurate it shows error reading we have to manually check by opening the tank. Engine RPM some times improper in idling glides up & Down.Heating in engine is tolerable it bakes our leg. in highways also. Latest happenings in my INT 650 i had problem in T-Stem i took it to the service center they replaced with , New T-Stem , Front Struts , Front Rim , Abnormal Engine noise was prevailing in my INT 650 All 8 Engine values changed on warranty . Still excessive engine noise is in my bike & bonus whistle sound intolerable. I have again informed the RE service. They assured to sort it out. The INT 650 is still a beta product . We should go to mediation course to control our patience. But riding pleasure is good. Today On 25.09.2019 my bike crossed 7000 km. The engine noise is abnormal still waiting for RE to sort our. My rear ABS is not functioning properly 60 % ineffective. Serviced the rear brake twice . Still problem. The surprise is RE is hesitating a lot change parts in warranty. It drags the issue for weeks .Pushes the customer frequent visits to workshop. RE has to sort out , Value noise & Clattering noise in INT 650. The front suspension & T-Steam is not strong enough .I have crossed 10,000 km now the engine noise is under control , in 10,000 km service . Rear brake is adjusted & Pads changed still ok only. RE is ready to change the caliper assembly if defective. Now a days RE is providing a very good service support.

  • 5.0

    I booked intercepter 650 colour is Baker Express and as per dealer they will be able to deliver the bike in Jan 2020 end. whatever information I have gather through YouTube videos ... it's looks with minor change which need to be done after delivery.I am looking for better headlight reason being headlight isn't matching what rest of the bike is offering and I believe Thunderbird headlight would have been awesome additions and seat which is not great as per the bike standards.. so looking for seat changes with better qauilty for sure.

  • 4.2

    The most refined and powerful engine till date from the RE stables. Beautiful looking classic retro styled twin engine machine. Low on vibrations and high on performance. In some ways it's a blank canvas begging to be accessorized. The aftermarkets industry must be going nuts. To be fair RE has some good accessories up for sale with the promise of more in the pipeline. On the downside are seating ergonomics (obviously subjective),placement of footpegs, pillion comfort or lack of and vendor quality control.

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  • 4.6

    Intercepter is a very good touring bike for long distances..seating is the only uncomfortable for long rides ..it needs to replaced with after market touring seat..and it's heats a lot in bumber to bumber traffic conditions.. thighs are roasted in traffic conditions

  • 4.6

    I, am writing this review after riding my bike for last one year. I am using it regularly for going to work. It is a wonderful bike come with a awesome engine and at a great price.I like its engine mostly for its refinement and smooth power delivery. Secondly it's looks are retro. Only issue as per me is it's weight and mileage. I am getting a decent mileage of 20-23 kmpl.I am extremely satisfied about this bike. I don't feel like driving my car any more. It is a value for money bike.

  • 4.2

    Twin cylinder 650 cc bike at 3 L on road is fabulous. Very well designed bike. Yes , has few niggles like Fuel guage not reliable , doesn't have gear indicator on instrument panel etc. But for the price nothing comes close to this bike.

  • 3.8

    Superb responsive vibration free engine.Engine sound is a melody.Handling and stability is nothing short of excellent.Brakes are awesome.Quite comfortable to ride.Fuel economy is above average.

  • 3.8

    Overall the bike is good but having issue in starting it. Sometime couldn't hear the fuel pump sound while switching it on... Not sure why... Need some advice guys

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