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KTM 125 Duke Latest Updates

The most affordable KTM in India has become dearer once again as KTM has hiked the prices of the 125 Duke by Rs 4,223. The BS6 125 Duke now carries a price tag of Rs 1,38,041 (ex-showroom Delhi), which is a whole Rs 9,764 more than what you paid for the BS4 bike.

The BS6 KTM 125 Duke makes the same amount of power and torque as the BS4 KTM 125 Duke. Underpinnings have also remained unchanged. The only other change is the blacked-out exhaust tip and all-black engine cowl.

125 Duke Specifications

The KTM 125 Duke BS6 employs a BS6-compliant fuel-injected liquid-cooled engine, which generates 14.5PS at 9,250rpm and 12Nm at 8000rpm. Interestingly, there is no drop in power or torque compared to the BS4-compliant version. The engine is mated to a 6-speed transmission. Since it’s a KTM for budget-conscious enthusiasts, the motorcycle lacks a slipper clutch. The KTM 125 Duke BS6 is built on a trellis frame. It continues with the same 43mm WP inverted front fork and WP rear monoshock as the BS4-compliant model. Braking duty is handled by a 300mm front disc with radial caliper and single-channel ABS up front, and a 230mm rear disc.

125 Duke Design

Design-wise, the KTM 125 Duke BS6 looks pretty similar to the BS4-compliant KTM 200 Duke. In fact, it is the only KTM that continues with the old-school Duke looks. That’s because the international-spec KTM 125 Duke comes with a new design language, which looks similar to the KTM 250 Duke BS6. The beefy tank extensions and the petite headlamp and tail section give the streetfighter a proper mass-forward look. The sleek tail section is complemented by a meaty tyre and an underbelly exhaust. The exhaust tip is finished in black and even the engine cowl gets a black finish as opposed to orange, white and black graphics in the BS4-compliant version.

125 Duke Features

The KTM 125 Duke BS6 is loaded with an informative full-LCD instrument cluster. It displays speed, tachometer readings, fuel level, clock, range, distance to empty, and average speed, among other data. The indicators and tail lamp are LED whereas the headlamp is halogen. As far as safety is concerned, it comes with a single-channel ABS.

KTM 125 Duke Competitors

The KTM 125 Duke BS6 goes head-to-head against the Yamaha MT-15 BS6.

KTM 125 Duke Price

KTM 125 Duke price start at Rs. 1.42 Lakh (Ex-Showroom). KTM 125 Duke is offered in only one variant - BS6.

KTM 125 Duke Price List in India

Variants Ex-Showroom Price
125 Duke BS6
124 cc |
Rs. 1.42 Lakh
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Must Read Questions & Answers Before Buying 125 Duke

Q. Is Duke 125 and duke 200 both are same height or not ?
  • No, there is an eight mm difference between the seat heights of both the bikes. KTM 200 Duke and KTM 125 Duke have a seat height of 810 mm and 818 mm.
  • May be both are same hight.
Q. Which is best MT-15 or Duke 125?
  • According to your question ,MT 15 is more comfort with a power full engine.duke 125 is not bad ,it has 124 cc engine but it compitating with 150 cc bikes.both are good.
  • Well looking at price point I would say duke 125 is worth it but if you are looking for power then definitely go for mt-15 . Even though mt-15 has bigger cc engine it can still provide 50 km mileage .Note : Does not know the mileage capabilities of duke 125.
  • First thing both are quite overpriced for what they offer and there are lot other bikes that offer good performance at a better price looks aren't the only thing that matters prefer indian brands they offer better quality and at low cost
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Q. Is it good to go on a long trip in Duke 125?
  • No its not for long trip as it has 10 litre of fuel tank capacity which may be decent but when u rev the bike to 110 -110 it would give a mileage around 30-35 it would not u assume it as it best with duke 200
  • Yes, you can take this bike for a long ride. Moreover, we would suggest you take a test ride of it in order to judge your riding comfort. Related Read - KTM 125 Duke: First Ride Review: https://www.zigwheels.com/reviews-advice/reviews/ktm-125-duke-first-ride-review/32601/
  • Young people can. Not an ideal motorcycle for cruising long distances, but you can still make it work.
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Editor's View of KTM 125 Duke

  • Upside

    Loaded with sophisticated underpinnings, newbie-friendly enthusiast’s motorcycle, refined motor

  • Downside

    Very narrow powerband, design a bit too long in the tooth, misses out on dual-channel ABS

  • Our Verdict

    The KTM 125 Duke BS6 is the most affordable way into the KTM family. It serves as the perfect stepping stone to performance-oriented motorcycles. The only grouse is you may be able to master the motorcycle rather quickly, and the lack of power means you will be left craving for more performance.

125 Duke Detailed Review

A price tag of Rs 1.18 lakh (ex-showroom) almost sounds ridiculous for a 125cc motorcycle. But the KTM 125 Duke stands as the most premium motorcycle in this capacity segment. Ever since the 125 Duke made its original debut in concept form at the 2009 EICMA show, there had been speculation of the bike making its way to India.

KTM 125 Duke First Ride Review

Even after the production bike was launched in Europe in 2011, with the 200 Duke coming to India in the following year, interest in the smallest Duke lingered on. But there was always a question of whether Indian buyers would be willing to pay premium buck for such a small capacity motorcycle, no matter how vocal some enthusiasts got about their love for this baby(est) Duke. Now though, KTM India believes that there exist enough customers who wouldn’t mind putting their money where there mouths are.

Been there, seen that

KTM 125 Duke First Ride Review

Unlike the second generation 125 Duke in Europe, which borrows its sharper and more aggressive styling from the new 390 Duke, the bike that we’ve got in India carries forward the last-gen design. Which means, it’s almost indistinguishable from the 200 Duke. It gets the same three colour options - black, white and orange, along with the black painted trellis frame and mad orange wheels.

KTM 125 Duke First Ride Review

All the other bits are carried over too, such as the halogen headlight, the slim LED indicators, the LED tail light and even that compact, yet highly informative digital instrument cluster. The only real differentiating factor is the stickering on the tank, and we think that the tank graphics of the 125 look more youthful compared to the 200s.

KTM 125 Duke First Ride Review

Hop on to the seat, and it’s all a very familiar experience. Now, I actually own a 2013 390 Duke, and I’m right at home in the marginally tall 818mm saddle. The seat itself is pretty much identical to the current 200 and the last-gen 390. That seat did get some flak for being a bit on the harder side, which does work in its favour for riding long distances. But considering that the 125 will spend most of its time in the urban environment, this might be a bit of a concern. Then again, it’s got the same rear set footpegs and wide handlebars for an upright, yet aggressive stance - great if you want some corner carving fun.

Familiar foundations

KTM 125 Duke: First Ride Review

Speaking of corner carving fun, that’s something the 125 Duke manages really well too, thanks to the same underpinnings as its larger siblings. That said, the frame itself is from the MY16 bikes, not from the 2017 models (both 125 and 390) as the new one uses a bolt-on subframe and even slightly altered steering geometry. It’s not really an issue though, as even this chassis is extremely capable and has been designed with the tolerances of a 45-odd horsepower motorcycle in mind. And of course, the 125 Duke runs the most advanced suspension you’ll see on any 125cc motorcycle in India.

KTM 125 Duke: First Ride Review

The front uses 43mm upside down forks, but again, these are not the cartridge type, separate function units that the new 390 gets. Instead, these are the ones that have been on the 200 Duke ever since 2012. The rear gets a preload adjustable monoshock, and both front and rear units have been designed by suspension specialist WP. Even the rubber here is familiar - MRF Revz-C1 radials (110/70 R17 at the front and 150/60 R17 at the rear), the same that you get on the 200 now.

KTM 125 Duke: First Ride Review

Put all that together and you get a bike that handles really well. It’s a very agile motorcycle that’s eager to turn into corners at any provocation. This is thanks to a short(ish) wheelbase of 1366mm and a light(ish) kerb weight of 148kg (which is actually identical to the 200s). There's plenty of confidence while leaning over as well - the MRF radials do a great job of gripping the tarmac, even at silly lean angles. But this 125 Duke really highlights the capability of this KTM chassis.

KTM 125 Duke: First Ride Review

Since you don’t have too much power to get into trouble easily, you’ll find yourself opening the throttle with reckless abandon through the turns, with this baby Duke coping with ease. That said, ride quality isn’t something we can comment on, since we rode it on the smooth surface of the Bajaj test track in Chakan. But if the 200 is anything to go by, it’s going to be slightly on the stiffer side over bad roads.

Show stopper

KTM 125 Duke: First Ride Review

With new rules coming into force from April 2019 which mandate combined brakes on bikes below 125cc and ABS on those with larger capacities, the KTM 125 Duke becomes the first 125cc motorcycle in the country to get anti-lock brakes. This is a single-channel unit though - similar to what we’ve seen on the 200 Duke. ABS intervention seems to have been calibrated quite well too, with the system barely kicking in when going hard on the brakes during our first ride. That said, this behaviour was on a grippy race track surface. We’ll only figure out how it behaves on loose surfaces once we get the 125 out in the real world for a road test.

KTM 125 Duke: First Ride Review

But the brake components themselves are top drawer - a 300mm disc at the front with twin-pot radial calipers and a 230mm disc at the rear with a single-pot floating caliper by ByBre. So braking performance is quite good, with plenty of bite. Brake feel, however, isn’t so great and there’s a distinct lack of progression when you squeeze the lever.

Same old, brand new heart

KTM 125 Duke First Ride Review

While the 125 Duke’s 124.7cc single-cylinder, 4-valve liquid-cooled motor is new for India, the mill itself is something that has been around for a while. It’s essentially from the last generation European 125 Duke, so there’s no ride-by-wire throttle here like the current-gen 125. In fact, externally, this engine looks identical to the 200’s motor and that’s because the 200 is a bored out version of the 125cc block. With now a smaller bore compared to the 200 Duke (58mm vs 72mm) and a marginally shorter stroke (47.2mm vs 49mm), this 125 motor isn’t as quick to build revs as the 200.

KTM 125 Duke First Ride Review

Of course, performance isn’t mindblowing either. With 14.5PS of power on tap, it’s more at par with 150cc motorcycles such as the Bajaj Pulsar 150 and Suzuki Gixxer. But the torque is much lower here - just 12Nm. Honestly, though, you can’t expect much more from such a small engine. Power delivery here is quite linear and easy to manage. You do get a minor surge in torque at around the 7000rpm mark, and the bike pulls cleanly till its redline of a little over 10,000rpm. But don’t think that you’ll be winning any drag races here, unless you’re going up against bikes in the same cubic capacity bracket.

KTM 125 Duke First Ride Review

And then, the gearing feels a little on the taller side. So while you’re getting decent acceleration in fifth gear - on the back straight of the Bajaj track, we were able to get up to a speedo-indicated 105-106kmph in fifth -, slot into sixth and the bike feels like it’s run out of steam. Using the slope leading into the banked corner at the track, we were able to see about 116-117kmph, but you won’t get to these speeds easily on a level road.

KTM 125 Duke First Ride Review

But one upshot of this easy-going engine is refinement. Honestly, this 125cc motor is the smoothest we’ve experienced on any KTM till date, at least in India, with us often hitting the limiter without realising it. The other advantage here is improved fuel efficiency, which KTM assures is about 15 per cent more than the 200’s. Another surprisingly delightful aspect of this motor is the way it sounds, with its higher pitch note almost mimicking a two-stroke.

Whom is it for?

Whom is it for? KTM says that the 125 Duke is squarely aimed at those who want a KTM, but feel that a 200 might be too much. Now as an enthusiast, it sounds a bit silly that 25PS of power is difficult to handle, but in the urban Indian context, the 200 do

KTM says that the 125 Duke is squarely aimed at those who want a KTM, but feel that a 200 might be too much. Now as an enthusiast, it sounds a bit silly that 25PS of power is difficult to handle, but in the urban Indian context, the 200 does feel a little fast to those who prefer riding at a more sedate pace. The 125 here is providing that quintessential KTM Duke experience in a more manageable package.

Whom is it for? KTM says that the 125 Duke is squarely aimed at those who want a KTM, but feel that a 200 might be too much. Now as an enthusiast, it sounds a bit silly that 25PS of power is difficult to handle, but in the urban Indian context, the 200 do

And then there’s the question of price. Yes, at Rs 1.18 lakh (ex-showroom Delhi), the KTM 125 Duke isn’t cheap by any means. But then, the previous entry-level Duke, the 200, thanks to increased prices and the 5-year insurance mandate, costs two lakh rupees on-road in most cities. This moved the entry point into the KTM family so far ahead, that the company really needed something to fill that gap. In fact, this 125 is priced at almost exactly the same point the 200 was when it was first launched back in 2012.

Whom is it for? KTM says that the 125 Duke is squarely aimed at those who want a KTM, but feel that a 200 might be too much. Now as an enthusiast, it sounds a bit silly that 25PS of power is difficult to handle, but in the urban Indian context, the 200 do

So the real question then is that is it worth its asking price? While the 125 Duke is a really fun bike to ride, and feels as premium as any of its other siblings, from a performance point of view, it doesn’t really qualify as great value. But as an entry-level KTM, we think it does!

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  • 3.8

    Overall its good but maintanence cost is too high and cant go long trips but it is the 125 king .......

  • 5.0

    good riding I want arjent this bike dily commited so please arjent I want bike

  • 5.0

    my driver is amazing 😍 4 year experience

  • 1.0

    waste of money so don't buy it .

  • 5.0

    loved one very good lookspeed

All Duke 125 User Reviews
  • 3.8

    KTM launched this bike to make the brand more accessible for the masses, as the Duke 200 was almost 2.10 lakh on road last year. The bike is a huge success in european market. The reason being the L1 lisence restriction, the bikes under L1 category are limited to 11kw (15bhp). So in european countries you have to level up eventually to a big bike. I've been riding this bike for over a year now and this doesn't feel like your typical 125cc bike. It's fast, agile and engine is peppy and the power output is best in class. It's a little underpowered for me and but the bike's handling capabilities is what kept me excited. You can easily commute on this bike, no heat issues faced so far. Rider comfort is good and pillion isn't. And as speaking for its highway capabilities the engine is stress free upto 75kmph at 6200 rpm and you can maintain this crusing speed without any worries, but you downshift regularly while overtaking. It retuned me around 48km/l on highways. Who should buy this bike?, well it's for new riders for whom budget isn't the limitation. For college students who want own a good bike for daily commute and wanna look cool in college and for the KTM enthusiastic who wants the taste of the brand first hand and is on a budget. (I know Duke 125 is costly, but it's most accessible KTM available in India).

  • 3.8

    I searched for true specs of KTM DUKE 125 Indian Model. Here are the specs you didn"t know about the bike:Top Speed: 125.529 KMPHFuel Tank Range: 288 KMSAverage fuel consumption: 32 KMPLFuel Capacity: 11LSeat height:810mmThe 43mm upside-down forks are by WP, as is the adjustable, linked rear shock, the four-piston radial front brakes are produced by Bybre (an Indian division of Brembo) and all the lights – from tail to indicators – are LEDs. The service intervals are a relatively short 3,106 miles. The gearbox is smooth and there"s not too much vibration.Basically, this was introduced for Europe but in 2016, it has been discontinued in 2016. Now, KTM bring it back Duke200 styled Duke125 to India.

  • 4.6

    Best for beginners.Easy to handle.Premium parts.But there's a problem with servicing centre.They always fools you and try to take more money from your pocket. Don't even do the complete work in free servicing. Ktm service centre are the worst in my experience. Never gonna buy more cc bikes from ktm they'll destroy your bike and your wallet too. Overall Bikes are good from ktm. But service they are providing sucks!!!

  • 5.0

    well its good but its too slow comparing to other bike like v3 cause the yamaha v3 is a very good bhp the ktm duke 125 should mske 155 cc too and the recell price will be good

  • 3.4

    I guess this is a stupid price for such basic features, ya looks are good but the performance is suitable for beginners...I don"t know why they hiked the price...this doesn"t make any sense....u guys better go for Duke 200 or pulsar rs200...Apache rtr 200 4v is the best option

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KTM 125 Duke: First Ride Review

Is there enough KTM DNA in the 125 Duke to justify its high asking price of Rs 1.18 lakh?

Dec 21, 2018

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    Right Side View
  • Engine of 125 Duke
  • Fuel tank of 125 Duke
    Fuel tank
  • Seat of 125 Duke
  • Rear Tyre View of 125 Duke
    Rear Tyre View
  • Front Tyre View of 125 Duke
    Front Tyre View
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    Front Suspension View
  • Front Mudguard & Suspension of 125 Duke
    Front Mudguard & Suspension
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    Rear Suspension View
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  • White
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KTM 125 Duke FAQs

What is the price of KTM Duke 125?

The ex-showroom price of KTM Duke 125 is 1.42 Lakh. Check On Road Price of Duke 125. .

What is the Tyre and Wheel type of KTM Duke 125?

KTM Duke 125 has Tubeless tyre and Alloy wheels.

Does the KTM Duke 125 have ABS?

Yes, ABS feature is available in KTM Duke 125. View full specification of Duke 125.

Which is better KTM Duke 125 or Yamaha MT 15?

KTM 125 Duke Price starts at Rs. 1.42 Lakh which is Rs. 3,366 costlier than base model of Yamaha MT 15 priced at Rs. 1.38 Lakh. Compare KTM 125 Duke vs Yamaha MT 15 on the basis of price, specs, features, reviews.

What is the EMI of KTM Duke 125 in Delhi?

The EMI for the base variant of KTM Duke 125 in Delhi is Rs. 4,098 per month @ 9.45% for a tenure of 36 months.

What are the colours available in KTM Duke 125?

KTM Duke 125 is available in 3 colour : White, Black With Orange and Black With White. View colour images of Duke 125.

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