KTM 125 Duke

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KTM 125 Duke Brochure
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KTM 125 Duke
KTM 125 Duke
Rs. 1.79 Lakh
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KTM 125 Duke Expert Reviews

KTM 125 Duke: First Ride Review

Is there enough KTM DNA in the 125 Duke to justify its high asking price of Rs 1.18 lakh?

Dec 21, 2018
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KTM 125 Duke User Reviews

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  • KTM 125 Duke Nimble Power for Urban Exploration.

    Start on nimble urban exploration with the KTM 125 Duke. This entry-level powerhouse is designed for riders who are starting their journey into the world of motorcycling. Riding the 125 Duke is like navigating the city with agile prowess a bike that not only provides a perfect balance of power for beginners but also boasts the Clear KTM style. With its nimble performance, learner-friendly features, and sharp design, the 125 Duke is the super choice for riders who want to experience the thrill of KTM's dynamic engineering in a compact and approachable package.

  • Reveling in the Ride: A Review of the KTM 125 Duke

    Its been a sheer joy owning the KTM 125 Duke. It is a pretty sporty ride that articulates the essence of the biking experience I have always yearned for. The 125cc engine delivers enough power for city commutes and occasional long trips. The bike balanced approach to power and performance is impressive and the commanding road presence it offers is admirable. The compact design colour palette and sharp graphics only add to its enticing visual appeal. The handling is precise making my rides safe and enjoyable.Truly the KTM 125 Duke is a perfect blend of aesthetics and performance.

  • The Charming KTM 125 Duke

    Owning the KTM 125 Duke has been an enticing adventure. The bike responsive 124.7cc single cylinder engine paired with a six speed transmission is truly a marvel offering a commendable ride experience. Navigating through city traffic or on highways this bike is definitively smooth with its handling. Its block pattern tyres and Bi functional LED headlights have brought forth a flawless combination of safety style and sophistication. The sharp styling and the strikingly attractive digital instrument cluster undeniably make it stand out. The KTM 125 Duke in every sense is a delightful ride to remember.

  • Bike with Lasting Impression

    The entry-level bike by KTM named Duke 125 includes a lot of fun and thrills even to such an extent which it does leave a lasting impression. It has hard and aggressive shape, as taken over from the great Dukes, and sturdy construction. It handles beautifully thanks to light yet nimble chassis and sporty suspension. Some of the features are advanced such as digital dash, LED lights and disc brakes. The only shortcomings the cost and the limited top speed. The KTM 125 Duke provides beginners and enthusiasts with a sleek and exciting ride.

  • The Pocket Rocket

    While often referred to as a pocket rocket, the KTM 125 Duke is designed with riders in mind and aimed at offering them an exhilarating ride perfected by comprehensive performance strength coupled with quick maneuverability that can be enjoyed even by beginner users. It is the sporty design, punchy engine and its nimble agility that has established 125 Duke as a standalone testament of what KTM offers – unbridled fun with minimal hassles. The following pocket rocket does not only demonstrate a small but rapid and agile approach however also gives the options to its users. The 125 Duke of KTM has been intricately designed, which involves gifting it an energetic engine and a light chassis apart from the sporty ergonomics meant to not only make novice riders confident but at the same time riding will be highly fun."

  • KTM 125 Duke Entry- Level Thrill

    The KTM 125 Duke is an entry- position exhilaration, offering a dynamic project and spirited interpretation in the entry- position road bike order. With its sporty styling, peppy machine, and sharp running, the 125 Duke stands out as a hallmark of KTM's devotion to delivering a bike that introduces riders to the exhilaration of KTM interpretation. The 125cc machine ensures responsive and effective lifts, making it an ideal liberty for riders entering the world of motorcycling. KTM has courteously aimed the 125 Duke, incorporating features like a kiosk frame, disparate headlamp, and a digital instrument package, creating a bike that not only zips through megacity thoroughfares with dexterity but also adds a touch of excitement to standard lifts. Riding the 125 Duke isn't precisely about reaching destinations; it's an inauguration into the thrilling world of KTM interpretation in the vibrant geography of civic mobility."

  • Entry-Level Precision with Big-Bike Thrills

    In the entry-level category, the KTM 125 Duke makes a strong statement; aesthetically sporty with engineering precision. With its dynamic appearance, accentuated with sharp and ‘aggressive’ lines, distinctive orange accents, it ‘bangs the door in the face of uninitiated in the KTM world. With a responsive 125cc engine, the 125 Duke is in tune to produce high octane thrills and for beginner riders, it is fun to ride as to be expected of a KTM. With attributes that are very much on par with its rare and elder sibling such as light weight chassis, riding position ideal for sports and has a best Lightly built, compact, and highly maneuverable, the motorcycle represents a perfect approach into the realm of performance- based cycling for individuals making an initial step on such a path. KTM 125 Duke can be seen as the symbol of entry-level accuracy which means riding the bikes can be enjoyed right from the inception.

  • Performance-Packed Thrills for Entry-Level Riders

    The KTM 125 Duke comes in a small but high performance engine making it a snap to maneuver in traffic, a perfect entry bike for new riders interested in the KTM flavour. Rugged design elements like hard lines, massive muscular tank and fashionable LED headlamp give it an edge in the section of 125cc. A 124.7cc single cylinder engine with fuel injection is extremely powerful and makes 125 Duke fast that provides awesome throttle response and thus the bike is ideal both for city commute and weekend fun. Featuring a lightweight chassis, WP suspension, and advanced braking system it delivers great handling and control which makes riders of all skill levels feel confident. The KTM 125 Duke offers all in the boulevards of the city as well as the daunting back roads – an unmistakable thrill ride for sure, to be served a clear notice that big things come in small packages.

  • An Indelible Riding Experience

    The KTM 125 Duke has left an unforgettable mark in the world of entry- position relaxation bikes. Its satiny project and robust 125cc machine give an stimulating lift. The bike s featherlight structure and nimble project cater to riders of all situations. With its sharp thickets and responsive suspense, it guarantees unshakeable confidence on twisty roads. Despite its compact size, the 125 Duke refuses to be regulated. It s knitter- made for megacity commutes and weekend escapes. This KTM model painlessly combines eye- catching aesthetics with astral interpretation, proving that indeed the discreet can deliver jaw- dropping thrills.

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