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  • User Review of KTM 125 Duke

    Shared by Anonymous

    The KTM 125 Duke is a lightweight and vigorous streetfighter which gives its full potential through its power and great handling on sporty roads. With the powerful 125cc engine, combined with the modern fuel injection technology, it makes the bike deliver decent power and torque to make it leak able through congested streets, and sharp corners with ...Read More

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  • Question about KTM 125 Duke

    Asked by R
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    @ Steve | Depends on your riding pattern, I usually get a mileage between 35 and 40

    Sir Aagar R. P. am sett krna ho to kese kre kiya Rpm se bhi mylage me dikkat aati he kiya

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  • Question about KTM 125 Duke

    Asked by Nishaishpatel
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  • Expert Review of KTM 125 Duke

    5 years ago

    KTM 125 Duke: First Ride Review

    Is there enough KTM DNA in the 125 Duke to ju ...Read More

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    2 years ago
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  • Latest News of KTM 125 Duke

    1 year ago
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