Mahindra Quanto: Competition check

The Mahindra Quanto is here and it aims to fill a lot of gaps. We take a look at some of the Quanto's competitors across the segment


Mahindra Quanto



Positioned as a compact MUV, the Mahindra Quanto straddles a whole lot of segments. But the sweet pricing of Rs 5.82 lakh for the base variant makes the Quanto an alluring, value-for-money buy not just for premium hatchback buyers but also those considering diesel sedans and then some in the same price band. Let’s see how these vehicles stack up against the Quanto:


Maruti Swift Diesel


Yes, it might seem odd putting the Swift here, but large diesel hatches are exactly at what the Quanto is squarely aimed at. The Swift has pretty much been the best seller since its inception but now with the Swift diesel costing the same as the much larger Quanto, there is a possibility that the Mahindra will eat into the Swifts sales. What the Swift does have over its goliath competitor is a brilliantly refined motor, amazing handling and not to mention the best after sales service out there. But space is at a premium in the Swift and the Quanto seems to have acres of it.  A tough battle this one is going to be.


Hyundai i20 diesel


It’s been one of the most complete premium small cars that we have had. Lots of space, brilliant interiors and a very very strong diesel motor. Where the Quanto edges ahead is its 5+2 seating and a cheaper price tag. The i20 is a premium hatch at a premium price. The Quanto might beat the i20 at price and space but the i20 fights back with a premium sedan feel and that very strong engine.



Maruti Suzuki Ertiga



Maruti Suzuki Ertiga Petrol


Another Maruti in the group, but this one takes the fight to the Quanto with space and size. The Ertiga is the latest MUV from Maruti and not to mention an immediate success thanks to its compacts dimensions and amazing 7 seating option, but there’s a catch. While the Ertiga may be a genuine 7 seater unlike the Quanto which is a 5+2, you can only buy a petrol variant of it( we are talking of a budget with fits the Quanto here) considering the diesel Ertiga costs about 2.5 lakh more than the Quanto. If the expensive fuel doesn’t bother you, the Ertiga petrol does make a better bet. 


Premier Rio


India’s first genuine compact SUV, the Premier Rio makes a strong case for itself now that it comes with the brilliant 1.3 CRDi4 engine. Compact dimensions, smart looks along with some very good ground clearance makes the Rio a very good bet for India. But that’s not the complete story. While the engine is good, quality of materials and ergonomics are still not upto scratch. The Rio does not have the space nor the reassuring built to last feel of the big Mahindra either. But if small rocks your boat, the Rio does stand a small chance here.



Renault Duster




Renault Duster


While it may seem far fetched, it’s actually quite possible for the Quanto affect the Renault Duster’s sales as well. While chances are a little less, if you look at it segment wise, but size wise the Quanto is right up there. The 5+2 seater MUV from Mahindra also lets you haul more people than the 5-seater from Renault. You may have to settle for a petrol Duster (Rs 7.19 lakh) though, as the diesel Duster starts at Rs 7.99 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi). If you think the Duster is making you stretch your budget, the Quanto can come across as reasonable alternative. 



Mahindra Xylo


Now this might get confusing. Why would anybody consider the Quanto if the bigger brother, the Xylo is with reach? Its simple, if your stretching for the base version of the Xylo, the same money will get you a top end variant of the Quanto. While you do get a proper 7 seater in the Xylo and not to mention more power, with the Quanto you won’t have to compromise much on space but what you do get is all the features you need and then some in an slightly similar mechanical package.


Maruti Swift D’zire


Sedans aren’t safe from the Quanto either. Again we pit it against one of the most successful sedans in its segment, the D’zire. While it might be a Swift with a boot, it does have everything you ask from a sedan. A fuel efficient diesel engine coupled with adequate boot space at good price makes the D’zire a great buy. That’s until the Quanto steps in giving you more space, power and presence at a similar price.



  Engine Power Torque Dimensions (l x b x h) Price (ex-showroom Delhi)
Mahindra Quanto 1493cc 102PS @ 3750rpm 240Nm @ 1600-2800rpm NA Rs 5.82 lakh
Maruti Suzuki Swift (Diesel) 1248cc 75PS @ 4000rpm 190Nm @ 2000rpm 3850x1695x1530 Rs 5.54 lakh
Hyundai i20 (Diesel) 1373cc 90PS 136Nm 3995x1710x1505 Rs 5.96 lakh
Maruti Suzuki Ertiga (Petrol) 1373cc 95PS @ 6000rpm 130Nm @ 4000 rpm 4265x1695x1685 Rs 5.89 lakh
Premier Rio 1248cc 72PS @ 4000rpm 183Nm @ 1800-2400rpm  3970x1570x1730 Rs 7.34 lakh
Renault Duster  1,461cc 85PS @ 3750rpm 200Nm @ 1900rpm 4315x1822x1695 Rs 7.99 lakh
Mahindra Xylo 2489cc 96PS @ 3600rpm 190Nm @ 2000rpm 34520x1850x1895 Rs 7.50 lakh
Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire 1248cc 75PS @ 4000rpm 190PS @ 2000rpm 3995x1695x1555 Rs 5.99 lakh