Hydrogen-Powered Hyundai Nexo Gets A Perfect Green NCAP Rating, Could Be Introduced In India

The Nexo is the third Hyundai vehicle to get five stars in this test based on energy efficiency and emissions

  • The Nexo is a hydrogen-powered fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV).

  • The fuel cell uses hydrogen to generate electricity to power the electric motor.

  • In the Nexo, this setup produces 163PS and 395Nm and provides a claimed range of 666km.

  • Hyundai is optimistic that the Nexo could deliver over 1000km range in India.

Hyundai’s efforts towards alternate fuel-powered vehicles seems to be paying off. The hydrogen-powered Nexo has received a perfect five-star rating in the Green NCAP test. It is the third Hyundai vehicle to get a perfect score behind the IONIQ Electric in 2019 and Kona Electric in 2020. The test is based on energy efficiency and emissions.

Powered by a hydrogen fuel cell, the Nexo produces only distilled water as its emission. This has led to the Nexo scoring full points in the Clean Air and Greenhouse Gas index. In terms of energy efficiency, the Nexo scored 7.3 out of 10, which resulted in an overall five-star rating.

In the Nexo, hydrogen is used by the fuel cell to generate electricity which is then used to power the electric motor, which produces an output of 163PS and 395Nm with a claimed range of 666km. It falls in the category of FCEVs (Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles) as it uses a hydrogen-powered fuel cell to function as an EV instead of a battery.

Hyundai had earlier confirmed that they were exploring the possibility of introducing FCEVs in India. If those plans come to fruition, the flagship Nexo could be the first FCEV to be introduced here. Hyundai is also optimistic that the Nexo could deliver 1000km range in India. The Nexo’s biggest competitor is the Toyota Mirai, which was also showcased at Auto Expo in India.


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