BMW Unveils Futuristic VISION M NEXT Concept

Could the upcoming i8 successor look like this?


  • Will debut at BMW’s NextGen conference in Munich with a limited production run.
  • Gets striking exterior tidbits like two-tone colors and a sleek yet aggressive body style.
  • Feature gullwing doors, facial recognition, fingerprint start button and more.
  • Powered by a 2.0-litre petrol-hybrid unit that makes 608PS. 

BMW’s foray into the EV segment started in 2013 with the i3, followed by the i8 the following year. While both these EVs have given BMW a good rep in the EV segment, they are slowing ageing with newer and more advanced alternatives available on the market. To counter that, BMW has unveiled the Vision M Next Concept, a car that has a variety of interesting tidbits. It employs an all-carbon fibre body which should help in keeping the car a featherweight, adding all-electric length and performance. 

Starting from the exterior,  the Vision M Next Concept takes some styling cues from the i8, which would make it the ideal successor to the i8. The front and rear gets a matte ‘Thrilling Orange’ paint job along with the silk-matte ‘Cast Silver’ metallic paintwork on the rest of the car. Even the wheel rims get a unique color combination with the front rims getting a silver-and-black two-tone finish, while the rear sets get orange inserts to match the body. Aside from that, the front end retains the kidney grille with orange inserts alongside a cutting edge Laser Wire headlight.


The interior of the BMW Vision M Next Concept is just as radical as the exterior. It features gullwing doors that open via facial recognition. Inside, the Vision M Next Concept gets a driver-centric cockpit design with a unique high-performance drag-car-inspired steering wheel that has a fingerprint sensor as a starter button. Other tidbits include an augmented reality head-up display, curved glass centre display and a sleek digital dashboard that displays information such as revs, road speed, energy management and the driver’s heart rate in real time.


Under the hood, the BMW Vision M Next Concept gets a 2.0-litre four-cylinder petrol hybrid unit with two electric motors. All of this combined produces a power output of 608PS which is almost double of the current i8. It propels the hybrid from 0-100km in just 3.0 seconds and on to a top speed of 300kmph. In all-electric power, the M Next Concept manages a range of upto 100km. 

The BMW Vision M Next Concept will debut at BMW’s NextGen conference in Munich. According to BMW, the production-spec Vision M Next concept will be a limited-run model that will be sold in the international market shortly before the introduction of the second-gen i8. The Vision M Next will also carry on the German carmaker’s ‘Strategy One Next’ initiative, which aims to put up to 25 electrified BMW models on sale by 2025.

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