The BGauss A2 And B8 Are Here, Could Be The New Go To e-Scooters

  • Jul 16, 2020
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The A2 gets a starting price of Rs 52,499 while the B8 starts at 62,999 (ex-showroom)

  • Available in select cities across India.
  • A2 caters to the entry-level space while B8 targets the more premium electric scooter segment.
  • Both are available with a host of battery options.
  • Feature list includes LED lights and digital display; B8 gets Bluetooth and IoT as well.

    BGauss, a sub-brand of Mumbai-based RR Global has launched the A2 And B8 electric scooters in India. The A2 gets a starting price of Rs 52,499 while the B8 starts at 62,999 (ex-showroom). Interested customers can book either of the scooters for a token amount of Rs 3,000. The smaller A2 caters to the slow-speed e-scooter segment while the more premium B8 competes in the high-speed electric scooter space. The latter is available in three battery options: lead-acid, lithium-ion and Li technology while the A2 comes with either a lead-acid or lithium-ion battery pack.

    Models/ Variants

    Ex-showroom Price

    BGauss A2 Lead Acid

    Rs 52,499

    BGauss A2 Lithium Ion

    Rs 67,999

    BGauss B8 Lead Acid

    Rs 62,999

    BGauss B8 Lithium Ion

    Rs 82,999

    BGauss B8 LI Technology

    Rs 88,999

    Powering the A2 is a 250-watt BLDC motor that delivers a claimed top speed of 25kmph. The lead-acid battery variant takes around 7 to 8 hours for a full charge, while the 1.29KW lithium-ion version takes up to 2 hours 15 minutes. A claimed range of 110km should be ample for your daily commutes.

    If you’re looking for a bit more performance, the B8 is the way to go. It’s powered by a larger 1.9kW Bosch BLDC electric motor that offers a claimed top speed of 50kmph. You can choose between battery options as mentioned before. The lead-acid version can be fully charged in 7-8 hours and offers a range of 78km while the lithium battery pack B8 delivers a lower range of 70km and takes 3 hours for a full charge. Both the A2 and B8 come with three riding modes. Head here for a detailed look at both the scooters.

    In terms of rivals, these scooters compete agaisnt the Gemopai Astrid LiteOkinawa Lite, Hero Electric Optima E5, and the Ampere Magnus Pro.

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