Maruti Grand Vitara vs Toyota Hyryder: Similar Features, Slightly Different Prices

While the mild-hybrid variants of both SUVs are comparable in price, the strong-hybrid Grand Vitara commands a premium

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  • Mild-hybrid variants of Maruti Grand Vitara are more affordable than Hyryder’s. 

  • Hyryder offers a strong-hybrid at a lower price point, and its strong-hybrid variants are more affordable than the Grand Vitara. 

  • Maruti has a limited-time offer for its strong-hybrid SUV that includes an extended warranty and free accessories. 

  • All ex-showroom prices are introductory and will increase later on. 

The Maruti Grand Vitara and Toyota Hyryder are platform siblings that offer similar equipment levels and powertrains. However, there are differences when you look closely at the variants of each SUV and compare their respective prices. For the exact variant-wise price gap and the reason behind the difference, read on:

Mild-hybrid prices

The mild-hybrid Grand Vitara is offered in Sigma, Delta, Zeta and Alpha trim levels, while the Hyryder is offered in E, S, G and V variants. 

Trim level 

Maruti Grand Vitara price

Toyota Hyryder price


Sigma MT

Rs 10.45 lakh 

E: Rs 10.48 lakh 

Rs 3,000 

Delta MT 

Rs 11.90 lakh 

S: Rs 12.28 lakh 

Rs 38,000

Zeta MT 

Rs 13.89 lakh 

G: Rs 14.34 lakh 

Rs 45,000

Alpha MT 

Rs 15.39 lakh 

V: Rs 15.89 lakh 

Rs 50,000 

Alpha MT AWD 

Rs 16.89 lakh 

V AWD: Rs 17.19 lakh 

Rs 30,000

Delta AT 

Rs 13.40 lakh 

S: Rs 13.48 lakh 

Rs 8,000

Zeta AT 

Rs 15.39 lakh 

G: Rs 15.54 lakh  

Rs 15,000

Alpha AT

Rs 16.89 lakh 

V: Rs 17.09 lakh 

Rs 20,000

From the above table, it’s clear that the mild-hybrid Grand Vitara is more affordable than the Hyryder across all variants. The price difference is negligible for the base-spec manual and automatic variants, but it goes up to Rs 50,000 for the top-spec manual (non-AWD) variants. 

Keep in mind that the above price comparison is for the single-tone variants of the Grand Vitara. A dual-tone paint option is available on the top-spec Alpha trim level and adds Rs 16,000 to the Maruti SUV’s price, but it still remains more affordable than the Toyota Hyryder. 

Strong-hybrid prices

The strong-hybrid Grand Vitara is offered in the upper two trim levels, while the Hyryder offers the same powertrain in three variants. 


Maruti Grand Vitara price

Toyota Hyryder price



S*: Rs 15.11 lakh 


Zeta Plus 

Rs 17.99 lakh 

G*: Rs 17.49 lakh 

Rs 50,000

Alpha Plus 

Rs 19.49 lakh 

V*: Rs 18.99 lakh 

Rs 50,000

Maruti’s flagship SUV is more expensive when you consider the strong-hybrid variant, by Rs 50,000 across trim levels. For the strong-hybrid, both Grand Vitara variants are available with a dual-tone roof option for an extra Rs 16,000, which further increases the price gap. 

The Hyryder strong-hybrid is more affordable outright since it’s also offered in the mid-spec S* trim level. That said, Maruti is offering a complementary extended warranty and Pristine accessories package for the strong-hybrid Vitara to bridge the price gap. 

Reason for the price difference

Both SUVs share the same powertrains, but the mild-hybrid, with a 103PS 1.5-litre K15C petrol engine, five-speed manual, six-speed automatic and AllGrip all-wheel drive (AWD) tech have all been developed by Suzuki. Toyota has to pay a premium to use these powertrains in its SUV, and the difference gets passed down to the buyer, depending on which variant they opt for. 

Similarly, the strong-hybrid’s 1.5-litre petrol engine, e-CVT transmission and e-motor have been developed by Toyota. Hence, the powertrain is less expensive in the Toyota SUV than in the Maruti Grand Vitara. 

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All prices are ex-showroom Delhi for the Hyryder and ex-showroom pan-India for the Grand Vitara.

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