What If TVS Introduced The RTR 310 and 310 ADV: Here’s Our Wishlist

The new BMW G 310 RR has led to a debate: What if TVS used the 310 platform for more? Here are two possibilities

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After TVS and BMW joined hands back in 2013, the two marquees co-developed three motorcycles on the same platform. The Germans rolled out the G 310 R streetfighter and the G 310 GS adventure bike. Meanwhile, TVS put in the hours on the Apache RR 310 supersport. Both brands restrained themselves from venturing into each other’s territory, but the new  BMW G 310 RR questions the status quo. And, that’s what we’re here to explore: possibilities.

Now imagine a TVS Apache RTR 310 and/or an ADV called the TVS Zeppl…er… Bōken(Japanese, for adventure), wouldn’t that be awesome? It makes sense after all, TVS has cut its teeth in road racing, motocross and Dakar, so the expertise is there. While both the BMW G 310 R and G 310 GS are both good bikes, a TVS take on these would mean some significant improvements. Like better tyres, tech and most importantly, a more affordable price!

For instance, by just swapping out the BMW G 310 R’s existing Michelin Pilot Street tyres for the Michelin Road 5’s that TVS offers on the Apache RR 310, the handling on the streetfighter can be made significantly better. Same goes with instrumentation. While BMW offers a dated experience, TVS offers full-colour TFT screens and Bluetooth connectivity. This would be a great feature on an ADV.

BMW’s G 310 R and G 310 GS currently retail at Rs 2,70,000 and Rs 3,10,000 (ex-showroom Delhi) respectively, and this is post a price revision. The original asking was ludicrous, but prices for spares today are still notoriously high. TVS has the ability to keep that in check. Ahhh… possibilities!

Tell us what you think TVS could do better on the G 310 R and G 310 GS if it chose to find a workshop and cue the music.    



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