Renault Kiger 1-litre Petrol AMT vs 1-litre Turbo-petrol: Petrol Automatics Compared

We fired up the VBox to find out which is the ideal petrol-automatic combo for the Kiger


While the Renault Kiger is offered with two 1-litre petrol engines, they’re set up differently as one’s a naturally aspirated unit and the other being a turbocharged motor. It is the same story with the transmissions on offer, with the 5-speed manual coming as standard for both engines. But the automatic options are a 5-speed AMT for the naturally aspirated petrol mill, and a CVT unit for the turbocharged petrol motor. The question is, which is the better petrol-automatic combination of the two? 


We find out in this comparison: 



Renault Kiger 1-litre N.A

Renault Kiger 1-litre Turbo

Power (PS)



Torque (Nm)




5-speed AMT


On paper alone, the Kiger’s 1-litre turbo-petrol has the edge in both power and torque. But a theoretical advantage is one thing and translating that into the real world is another. We got out the VBox to see if these advantages hold true.

Performance Runs


Renault Kiger 1-litre N.A AMT

Renault Kiger 1-litre Turbo CVT


19.25 seconds

11.20 seconds

20-80kmph (Kickdown)

11.40s seconds

6.81 seconds

In the performance runs, the drawbacks of the naturally aspirated 1-litre petrol and the AMT are clear to see, with the 1-litre turbo-petrol CVT holding a comfortable advantage in the 0-100kmph sprint. While the gap closes up a fair bit in the kickdown test, it is still a pretty significant difference.

Fuel Economy


Renault Kiger 1-litre N.A AMT

Renault Kiger 1-litre Turbo CVT







Here’s where things get interesting between the two petrol-automatic setups. The 1-litre N.A petrol AMT combo makes up for its lack of performance by offering more efficiency at 13.54kmpl (city) and 19kmpl (highway). While the 1-litre turbo-petrol CVT setup isn’t far behind on city frugality, the gap does get bigger on the highway.



Renault Kiger 1-litre N.A AMT

Renault Kiger 1-litre Turbo CVT

Ex-showroom Price

Rs 7.04 Lakh (RXL) to Rs  8.61 lakh  (RXZ DT)

Rs 9 lakh (RXT) to Rs 10.09 lakh (RXZ DT)

Taking all factors into play, if you’re looking for an affordable automatic offering that offers better frugality over performance, the 1-litre N.A AMT setup is the one to go with. On the other hand, if you’re willing to shell out more dough for better performance, the 1-litre turbo-petrol CVT option is the ideal pick. 


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