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Mercedes Cars To Get 5 Percent Price Hike In April: S-Class, C-Class, E-Class And EQS EV Among Models Affected

The European carmaker’s lineup in India will go up by Rs two lakh to Rs 12 lakh, depending on the model and variant

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Luxury carmaker Mercedes Benz has announced a price hike that’ll come into effect on April 1, 2023. It affects most of the models and variants in the carmaker’s lineup, making them more expensive by around five per cent, or a minimum of Rs two lakh to a whopping Rs 12 lakh over the previous ex-showroom prices. 

The price correction affects the A-Class, C-Class, E-Class and S-Class sedans; GLA, GLE and GLS SUVs and EQS EV. 

Mercedes cars price in 2023 

Model name 


Older price 

New 2023 Price



A-Class sedan

A 200 

Rs 42 lakh 

Rs 44 lakh 

Rs 2 lakh 

A 220d

Rs 44 lakh 

Rs 46 lakh 

Rs 2 lakh 

C-Class sedan 

C 200 

Rs 57.50 lakh 

Rs 60 lakh 

Rs 2.5 lakh 

C 220d 

Rs 58.50 lakh 

Rs 61 lakh 

Rs 2.5 lakh 

E-Class sedan 

E 200 

Rs 72.5 lakh 

Rs 76 lakh 

Rs 3.5 lakh 

E 220d 

Rs 73.5 lakh 

Rs 77 lakh 

Rs 3.5 lakh 

S-Class sedan 

S 350d 

Rs 1.65 crore 

Rs 1.71 crore

Rs 6 lakh 

S 450 4Matic 

Rs 1.73 crore 

Rs 1.80 crore 

Rs 7 lakh 

Maybach S-Class

S 580 

Rs 2.57 crore 

Rs 2.69 crore 

Rs 12 lakh 

EQS electric sedan 

EQS 580 

Rs 1.55 crore 

Rs 1.59 crore 

Rs 4 lakh 



GLA 200

Rs 46.50 lakh 

Rs 48.50 lakh 

Rs 2 lakh 

GLA 220d

Rs 48 lakh 

Rs 50 lakh 

Rs 2 lakh 


GLE 300d 4Matic

Rs 88 lakh 

Rs 90 lakh 

Rs 2 lakh 

GLE 400d 4Matic 

Rs 1.05 crore 

Rs 1.08 crore 

Rs 3 lakh 


GLS 400d 4Matic 

Rs 1.19 crore 

Rs 1.29 crore 

Rs 10 lakh 

Key takeaways: 

  • Entry-level cars get the smallest hike: The GLA SUV and A-Class sedan get the smallest hike which still amounts to Rs two lakh. 

  • Popular sedans: The C-Class is pricier by Rs 2.5 lakh, but its top-spec C 300d variant still costs Rs 63 lakh. Similarly, all E-Class variants get a Rs 3.5-lakh hike, except the range-topping E 350d trim level, which remains at Rs 87.5 lakh.
  • Steepest hike: The Maybach S-Class, being the most expensive car on this list, also gets the maximum hike, a whopping Rs 12 lakh. 

  • GLS SUV: The GLS SUV closely follows the Maybach with an eye-watering increase of Rs 10 lakh. That said, its GLS 450 and Maybach GLS 600 variants haven’t seen a price hike. 

  • EV prices: The Mercedes EQS 580 is the only EV to get a price hike, becoming Rs four lakh more expensive. Its top-spec AMG EQS 53 variant, as well as the EQC and EQB electric SUVs, are unaffected by the hike. 

Reason for price hike 

Mercedes cites a skewed exchange rate (read falling rupee, compared with the Euro) as the reason behind the price correction. This is the second price hike from the carmaker in 2023; a similar hike of up to 5 per cent came about in January 2023.

All prices are ex-showroom, pan-India

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