Electric Two-Wheelers Price List March 2024: Ather 450X, Ola S1 Pro, TVS iQube And More

  • Mar 5, 2024
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If the FAME 2 scheme ends by the end of March 2024, prices of EV two-wheelers could go up by 25 percent

Ather 450X, TVS iQube, Ola S1 Pro & Bajaj Chetak

The Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of Hybrid and Electric Vehicles (FAME 2) scheme for electric two-wheelers may end on March 31, 2024. If it does, then the prices of electric scooters and bikes in the country are about to go up by 25 percent from April onwards. 

As such, we have compiled a price list of electric scooters and bikes containing their prices with and without the FAME 2 subsidies to provide you a better idea of what the EV prices could look like in a month’s time:

Model Name

Ex-Showroom Price (Including FAME 2 Subsidy)

FAME 2 Subsidy

Ex-Showroom Price (Without FAME 2 Subsidy)

Ola S1 Pro 

Rs 1,29,999

Rs 22,424

Rs 1,52,423

Ola S1 Air

Rs 1,04,999

Rs 18,306

Rs 1,23,305

Ola S1 X+ (3kWh)

Rs 84,999

Rs 16,780

Rs 1,01,779

Ola S1 X (4kWh)

Rs 1,09,999 

Rs 16,780

Rs 1,26,779

Ola S1 X (3kWh)

Rs 89,999

Rs 13,729

Rs 1,03,728

Ola S1 X (2kWh)

Rs 79,999

Rs 12,204

Rs 92,203 

Ather 450X (3.7kWh)

Rs 1,44,923

Rs 22,485

Rs  1,67,407

Ather 450X (2.9kWh)

Rs 1,38,002

Rs 21,488

Rs 1,59,489

Ather 450S (2.9kWh)

Rs 1,09,999

Rs 21,041

Rs 1,56,042

Ather 450 Apex

Rs 1,88,999


Rs 1,88,999

TVS iQube

Rs 1,34,422

Rs 21,131

Rs 1,55,553

TVS iQube S

Rs 1,40,025

Rs 22,065

Rs 1,62,090

Bajaj Chetak Urbane

Rs 1,15,002

Rs 17,897

Rs 1,32,899

Bajaj Chetak Premium

Rs 1,35,463

Rs 21,150

Rs 1,56,613

Vida V1 Plus

Rs 1,45,000 

Rs 22,335 

Rs 1,67,355

Vida V1 Pro

Rs 1,45,900 

Rs 22,485 

Rs 1,68,385 

Tork Kratos R

Rs 1,49,999

Rs 22,500

Rs 1,72,499

Ultraviolette F77 STD

Rs 3,80,000


Rs 3,80,000

Ultraviolette F77 Recon

Rs 4,55,000


Rs 4,55,000

The Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) supported the proposal for a five-year continuation of the FAME 2 scheme a few months ago. EV penetration in the Indian two-wheeler market is about 5 percent and FAME 2 subsidies have helped substantially in making even that very 5 percent penetration possible. So it seems continuation of the FAME 2 scheme is crucial for achieving a higher percentage of penetration in the next few years. 

Ather 450X, TVS iQube, Ola S1 Pro & Bajaj Chetak Side Profile

One thing to note from the price list is that the Ather 450 Apex sticker price doesn’t contain FAME 2 subsidy details because Ather Energy did not apply for FAME 2 subsidies for this special edition model.

Ather 450X, TVS iQube, Ola S1 Pro & Bajaj Chetak Front Three Quarter

In other news, Ola Electric has extended the discount offers on the Ola S1 Pro, S1 Air and S1 X+ till the end of March 2024. Also, a new variant of the S1 X, called the Ola S1 X (4kWh) with a larger battery pack was launched last month. Ather Energy is gearing up to launch a new family scooter, called the Ather Rizta, on April 6. It gets a boxy design language and a large single-piece seat, matching the EV maker’s family-friendly approach with this scooter.

Ather 450X Video Review

Ather 450X
Ather 450X
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