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Ather 450S
Ather 450S
Rs. 97,547
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Ather 450S User Reviews

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  • The Epitome of Electric Elegance

    The Ather 450S has redefined electric scooters by crafting a sharp, futuristic vehicle that is set to lead the way of sustainable transport. The 450S car has an eye catching design and excited functions which brand it as an icon of forward thinking and environmental friendly attributes. Offering the most beautiful experience of smooth acceleration and agility while driving, the device provides an easy going city commuting and adds convenience with its smart connectivity features at every ride. The speed they deliver increases with the power of their motors. However, besides the high-performance electric scooters, this balance of performance, style and sustainability makes the Roma a compelling vehicle for the electric revolution lovers.

  • A New Way of What’s Next in Electric Scooters

    " The Ather 450S has introduced me to a new world wherein gas scooters have been replaced by the excellence of the electric vehicle. This is its performance and the design of the scooter. Its modern look composite of those thin lines, along with its contemporary, sophisticated features, help this model to take first place among the costly electric cars. ""The 450S' responsive handling and great power, however, I would boldly say, are the ones that revolutionize the experience with an electric scooter,"" I stated after several rides on it. The purely electric motor delivers the optimal power level without notifications, just allowing you to get on with the smooth ride and be eco-friendly. Functionalities such as disc brakes and intelligent connectivity for an overall enhanced riding experience are what safety features are about. The seat and interface are designed carefully to suit its user. So, it is a pleasure to ride. Ather has made a significant leap in the field of E-Two- Wheelers commute and has successfully raised the bar with the 450S by providing a hassle-free and environmentally-sustainable modern transportation."

  • Sleek Electric Journeys

    The Ather 450S is definitely not just electric scooter: it takes perfection in design and performance and while doing that, care about our environment. Its contemporary Jet-Black ergonomic design and classy modern fiting make it a prominent electric scooter from other competitors in the market. Running on electric motor, it provides a smooth and a silent performance hence ideal for moving or maneuvering through the city streets with little resistence. It is different from the previous models due to being integrated with leading smartphone technology as well makes navigation easier. The Ather 450S is the scooter, which is absolutely not only an electric scooter. It is a lifestyle expressing eco-mobility, which makes people both ride faster and in a style while it reduces the disadvantages of the environment like carbon emissions.

  • Goodcharging station

    Pick up is good and looking good charging station in seprate location good idea and facilities for customer

  • 450S electric elegance

    My friend recently got the Ather 450S electric scooter, and I've had the chance to ride it quite a bit. It's easily one of the best electric scooters out there! The sleek design and smooth acceleration make it a real pleasure to ride around the city. Plus, it's the most affordable option in its class, making it a great choice for eco-conscious commuters. However, the limited range can be a downside, especially for longer trips. Overall, the Ather 450S is a fantastic electric scooter that blends style, performance, and eco-friendliness.

  • Power of Electric Riding Ather 450S Test Drive

    The Ather 450S is a high- Performance electric scooter that blends Modern technology with thrilling Performance, allowing you to experience the exhilaration of electric riding. This scooter provides an Advanced , exhilarating, and environmentally sustainable riding experience with its powerful electric machine, nimble running, and Modern technology. I've the utmost reference for this model because of its electric Power and dynamic Performance, which have won my entire adoration. I have been actually impressed by the 450S's electric riding and thrilling Performance, which makes it a top liberty for exhilaration- campaigners and environmentally conscious riders likewise. snare the Ather 450S Test Drive and i'm ready to unlock the manpower of electric riding.

  • Setting the Standard for Urban Commuting

    The Ather 450S has completely altered the dynamics of the electric scooter industry introducing a combination of marvelous performance, stylish elegance together with utmost sustainability. Its short wheelbase, sharp-angled design, integrated electronics and agile handling create a suitable city-riding platform. An incredibly powerful motor turns the electric experience to a quick start, while the battery technology means you can push to the max on a single charge. The scooter is fitted with an interesting and colorful screen dashboard with the available touch functionality, which sends real-time information as well as navigational assistance to the rider.

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