The Nexon EV Max Squeezes More Power From The Same Motor: Tata Motors

  • May 14, 2022
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We’ve got insights from Anand Kulkarni, VP, electric vehicle and ALFA architecture, Tata Motors India, on how the Nexon EV Max got those power gains


  • The electric motor was tweaked for more power thanks to software interventions as well as the larger 40.2kWh battery pack.

  • Software tweaks had to be done on the motor control unit.

  • The motor is now rated at 143PS  

  • The Max has an ARAI-claimed range of 437km.

  • Is priced from Rs 17.74 lakh and Rs 19.24 lakh, and is offered in the XZ+ and XZ+ Lux variants.

The recently launched Tata Nexon EV Max eke's more out of the electric SUV. Aside from feature upgrades, you crucially get more power, more range and a bigger battery pack. Now you’d think Tata surely had to make a lot of under the skin changes to achieve this feat. Well, the carmaker has revealed that the gains on the Nexon EV Max have been made using the same Ziptron electric motor as the standard model. 

So how did the carmaker manage to pull this off for the Nexon EV Max? Well we got insights on this from none other than Anand Kulkarni, VP of electric vehicle and ALFA architecture, Tata Motors . Chatting with ZigWheels, he stated, “ We’ve been able to tweak the motor to deliver better power while retaining the torque. This has been done through software enablement and utilising the larger battery pack, because with a larger battery, you are able to effectively leverage or extract more out of the motor. And that's how we've been able to do this by doing software interventions.”

Anand Kulkarni also stressed the importance of the Nexon EV Max’ 40.2kWh battery pack in helping extract more out of the motor. According to Tata’s VP of Electric Vehicle And ALFA Architecture, it’s because when we’re trying to eke out more from the electric motor, it has a knock-on effect of extracting energy from the batteries a little bit faster. There are limitations on the battery chemistry as to how fast you can extract this energy.  

Having the larger battery pack on the Nexon EV Max helps make that process easier. Also, to extract more power, the software tweaks had to also happen on the motor control unit. Speaking on the larger battery pack, Kulkarni had mentioned that some changes had to be done to accommodate it. One of those changes was to improve the packaging efficiency internal to the battery. The other one was to let the battery pack expand a bit more towards the ground which is one of the contributing factors behind the Nexon EV Max’ ground clearance dropping slightly compared to the standard model.

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Currently, the Nexon EV Max is equipped with a 40.5kWh battery pack, paired to a more powerful 143PS electric motor delivering 250Nm. This is enough for the carmaker to boast an ARAI-claimed range of 437km. It can be specced with either a 3.3kW home charging option as standard or shell out Rs 50,000 extra for a  bigger 7.2kW AC charger. It also supports a 50kW DC fast charger which brings 0-80 percent charging times down to within an hour. 

Tata Motors retails the Nexon EV Max between Rs 17.74 lakh and Rs 19.24 lakh (ex-showroom), and it comes in two variants: XZ+ and XZ+ Lux. Its alternatives include the MG ZS EV and the Hyundai Kona Electric


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