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Renault is a French carmaker headquartered in a Parisian Suburb. Founded in 1899, Renault built cars locally and mainly for the French Government and within a decade, was the largest carmaker in the Country after which it started venturing out to new markets. Renault has had a long and colourful history of popular cars built across the past century and also its escapades in motorsport.

Renault Car Price

Renault cars price starts at Rs. 2.83 lakh for the cheapest car KWID and goes up to Rs. 13.00 lakh for the top model Renault Captur. Renault offers 5 new car models in India. Triber (Rs. 4.95 lakh), KWID (Rs. 2.83 lakh) and Duster (Rs. 8.00 lakh) are among the popular cars from Renault. In the year 2019/2020, Renault is going to launch 4 new models in India. Select a Renault car to know the latest offers in your city, prices, variants, specifications, pictures, mileage and reviews.

Renault Car Models in India

*Prices shown for Delhi
  • 4.2
    Renault Triber
    Rs. 4.95 lakh Onwards
    • 999 cc
    • 20 kmpl
    • Petrol
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  • 3.8
    Renault KWID
    Rs. 2.83 lakh Onwards
    • 799 cc
    • 25.17 kmpl
    • Petrol
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  • 4.1
    Renault Duster
    Rs. 8.00 lakh Onwards
    • 1498 cc
    • 13.9 kmpl
    • Diesel/Petrol
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  • 4.5
    Renault Captur
    Rs. 9.50 lakh Onwards
    • 1498 cc
    • 13.87 kmpl
    • Diesel/Petrol
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  • 4.1
    Renault Lodgy
    Rs. 8.63 lakh Onwards
    • 1461 cc
    • 21.04 kmpl
    • Diesel
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Renault User Reviews

  • Triber
    66 ratings

    Renault Triber is an exciting car, I purchased it on 10th Nov 2019. For RXZ Model with 15' Tyre it cost me Rs. 8.11 Lakcs on road in Mumbai. (Paid Rs. 5,500/- extra for the Tyre upgrade)It comes with essentials features like Reverse Camera, 2nd and 3rd row Air Condition vents, infotainment system with Apple Carplay and Android Auto, key-less entry, DRLs, etc. What more can you expect at this price?Why Renault Triber?We are a family of three, at times my parents joins us and occasionally it is my brother's family. So we wanted a car which can accommodate 6 people and 2 kids for occasional travel. Triber gives me a flexible option of converting it from 5 seater to 7 seater when we have extra family members. I wanted a big family car with basic to advanced features, if you compare it with competition, you would have to shell out 10+ lakh rupees easily. Triber gave me a good balance between budget and expectations. It also gives my family an option to travel together instead of traveling in two different cars.Which features I miss in Triber?1. Automatic Climate Control2. Automatic TransmissionThese features are not deal breaker. Renault Triber is coming up with Automatic model, I am assuming that it should have Climate Control as well.Car Performance?Its too early to comment on the car performance, maintenance cost and mileage. I am expecting it to give me around 13 kmpl; I will be in a position to comment on this after the first service.Who should buy Triber?The answer depends on how often you travel with full load of 6 to 7 members. Then you will have to perform cost-benefit analysis. For a family of 5, with couple of members joining you occasionally, I think Triber is the best option at the given price. Is engine power an issue?I do not know (yet). If Ecco can take a load of 8 people then why not Triber?

    Sushant 1 month ago
    Triber User Reviews
  • KWID
    105 ratings

    JUNK CAR it's just 5000km driven and I am facing various malfunction s in the vehicle and each time the vehicle go to workshop it's stucked for 10-12 days due to non availability of spare parts. Don't buy it's a waste of your hard earned money.

    Mohammed 1 week ago
    KWID User Reviews
  • Duster
    111 ratings

    I have always been a fan of ride comfort and exterior looks of Duster, it definitely have a better road presence compared to other cars in the same segment, I had a diesel 85PS drove it for 3 years, from that recently bought the CVT model.

    Afzal 3 months ago
    Duster User Reviews
  • Captur
    25 ratings

    Driver"s car- Captur your heartI have taken a test ride of the car nearly 10 times and purchased RXT DIESEL recently. This car has amazing road presence, high ground clearance, good off-road ability without 4 wheel drive and good features. The reason why it"s not selling much because of its pricing, fewer features as compared to rivals, very less resale and poor after sales and service (Service purely depends on how we interact with them its not a deal breaker). It has crossover design which is very stylish but everyone doesn"t like as it compared to traditional boxy SUV and also dashboard layout and touch screen not that great but it"s good enough. But confidently I can say who passionate about driving they know the value of capture it"s a driver"s car amazing ride quality and comfort, very good pickup, excellent suspension, sufficient space for five people, good legroom, good storage space and high driving position like real SUV, got 4star rating. Because of its crossover design body roll is almost negligible even at high speeds very stable at cornering as well. The final word who are not looking for resale just go for it will enjoy each and every moment with the Captur it"s really Captur your sense. Best all rounder for city, highway and offroading. Its give feel of a sedan as well because of its lengthy dashboard. Comparison: Creta very good car features rich but no offroad ability. Nissan kicks the latest interiors but the same capture platform and pricier. Duster same platform as captur but old. Do remember each and every product has its own pros and cons but finally deciding factor will be your needs and budget one major thing to remember we are purchasing cars not for features list or for entertainment.

    Murali 6 months ago
    Captur User Reviews
  • Lodgy
    29 ratings


    Kamar 3 months ago
    Lodgy User Reviews

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