Rs. 2.48 lakh
Ex-showroom Price, Delhi
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KTM 390 Duke Highlights

KTM 390 Duke Price: KTM 390 Duke prices start at Rs. 2.48 lakh (Ex-Showroom). KTM 390 Duke is available in 1 variants and 2 colours.
390 Duke Engine and Specifications: The 373cc liquid-cooled single is now BS-IV compliant. The internals is unchanged except for a larger airbox that boosts torque by 2Nm to 37Nm @ 7000rpm. Power output remains the same at 43.5PS @ 9000rpm. A major addition is ride-by-wire that smooths out throttle response and is more precise compared to the outgoing Duke 390. The front disc is now 20mm larger than the older model, showcasing a 320mm unit, with radially mounted Bybre callipers. The rear continues to showcase a 230mm disc brake. The brakes come paired with a 3-stage Bosch ABS unit with three options - ABS On, ABS Off and Supermoto, which turns the ABS off for the rear wheel. The brakes have a strong bite, but lack feedback to the rider. Suspension duties are handled by 43mm telescopic front forks and a monoshock at the rear. The new 390 also gets a bigger 13.4-litre fuel tank compared to the older bike’s 10-litre fuel tank. This means you can now go much further in a single top up.

390 Duke Design and Features

The 390 Duke looks sharper than ever before as the new bike is inspired by the mean-looking Super Duke R. The split LED headlight, chunky TFT colour display, larger LED tail unit and two-tone split trellis frame adds to the Duke’s flashy looks. Another likeable feature is MyRide, which allows the rider to connect his smartphone via Bluetooth, wherein all the information is displayed on the screen. This way the rider is notified about incoming calls, which can be received or rejected via the menu switches. Music functions can also be controlled while on the move. The clutch and brake levers are reach-adjustable now and the switchgear is also all new with toggle switches on the left. The plastics and build quality also feels premium and should last for ages.

KTM 390 Duke Competitors

Benelli TNT 300 : The Benelli TNT 300 gets contemporary styling which is neither too bold nor too sharp. Build quality is decent and it should prove to be an easy to live with motorcycle. It is mostly loved for its exhaust note and while it not as powerful, nimble or light as the 390 Duke, It comes across as a fairly good touring motorcycle. So, if you are looking to commute in a more relaxed manner and have deep enough pockets to dig into, the TNT 300 is worth shortlisting.


The KTM 390 Duke has always come across as a value for money product and the new variant takes the VFM quotient a notch up as it looks a lot more irresistible now. It gets an LED headlight unit and colour display that we like a lot and also handles beautifully with its aptly tuned suspension setup. Also, while it may not be as quick as the earlier 390, it certainly is a lot more refined. Between the TNT 300 and the KTM 390 Duke, the Benelli comes across as a motorcycle for people looking for a more relaxed way of commuting. The 390 Duke on the other hand is a wild beast and is meant for a lot more experienced riders and thrill seekers.

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Yamaha YZF R15 V3 BS6 - Priced at Rs. 1.45 lakh | Launched on 09 Dec 2019

KTM 390 Duke Variants Price List

390 Duke STD
373 cc |
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KTM 390 Duke Latest Updates

KTM was recently spotted testing the third generation 390 Duke in Germany. The naked motorcycle appears to host a bunch of updates in the underpinnings and engine department. If we had to guess, we expect KTM to debut it at this year’s EICMA show in Milan.

KTM has asked owners of the 2017 and 2018 KTM 390 Duke to bring in their bikes for a 'Monsoon Kit' fitment.As a part of this, the company will replace certain components and rectify various issues reported by owners so far. Best of all, the updates will be carried out free of cost. Speaking of the bike itself,the 2017 model gets a complete redesign with full LED headlamps, a revised BSIV motor, new exhaust, ride-by-wire and a colour TFT tablet-type instrument console. The 390 Duke should offer the best performance under the Rs 2.5 lakh price bracket owing to the high-performance 373cc engine and the lightweight chassis and bodywork. The bike also gets a host of first-in-class features like a colour TFT screen, standard switchable ABS and slipper clutch. The 390 Duke is priced at Rs 2.26 lakh (ex-Delhi). The bike faces competition from the Benelli TNT 300 and Kawasaki Z250 which are priced way higher. The 2017 KTM 390 Duke should be able to hold the crown of the best sports bike under the Rs 3 lakh price bracket.

Editor's View of KTM 390 Duke

  • Upside

    Bang for buck, Styling and exhaustive features, Performance and handling

  • Downside

    Stiff ride quality, Not touring friendly

  • Our Verdict

    The KTM 390 Duke still remains the benchmark of the segment with fantastic performance and handling dynamics. The styling updates and the additional features have hiked its appeal further.

Must Read Questions & Answers Before Buying 390 Duke

Q. I'm very excited to know the top speed of Duke 390 2018?
  • 160 kms per hour. It is more than that , but this is what I read from various riders in you tube channel and reports.I have ridden it upto 125 kms per hour. : By Oommen | 6 hours ago
  • 170 KMPH without any mods attached. (Standard)170+ with Powertronics and other ECU gadgets. : By Pranav | 3 months ago
  • Personally touched 175 kmph bro. : By Sanjoy | 3 months ago
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Q. My height is between 5.3 or 5.4 Is Duke 390 suitable for me for long rides? how's the pillion comfort and mileage on highway?
  • Okay comfortable : By Nabadwip | 9 hours ago
Q. Does Duke 390 reflects low battery or low fuel in the display screen?
  • Ya it show your ever details on display : By Balaji | 1 week ago
  • Low fuel is always visible in the display. Battery info can be switched on or off as per the user requirements. : By Rajat | 1 year ago
  • Yes : By Gaurav | 5 months ago
Q. What about the headlamp visibility at night in deep dark village road in Duke 390?
  • It's good in dark not in single way roads : By Balaji | 1 week ago
  • Headlight is decent not great, u cannot ride at night with your visor down, u won't be able to see anything! : By Adrian | 1 year ago
  • It has a clear white led which covers entire road upto 14 Meters : By Darshan | 1 year ago
Q. How is build quality of this bike - Duke 390?
  • Compared to other countries it's not that much built quality : By Balaji | 1 week ago
  • It's alright not too bad but not great either. 7/10. : By Adrian | 1 year ago
  • Best in series : By Sharone | 1 year ago
Q. Does KTM has ABS?
  • It's the only bike which has ABS on both wheels.I am referring KTM 390. : By Oommen | 1 week ago
  • Yes it has dual channel ABS : By Mayank | 6 days ago
  • Depends on the model, the 390s have it as stadard both rc and Duke. 200s and 250 doesn't have it as an optional too : By Surya | 1 year ago
Q. My height is 5'4" will Duke 390 be comfortable for me or not?
  • Woow i see soo many people saying no , dude first of all go to show room n check for urself , secondly their are many shorter riders riding a tall bike depends on wether or not u will ride it in traffic or on highway , their is a way to stand still on a tall bike , u need to put ur left leg on the gear and right leg on the ground , thats how most of the shorter riders ride a adv as many of them are even 850mm above seat height , but if ur committed to ride i think nothing can stop u . Good luckAnd a word of advice for those geniuses who are advicing for change of suspension , i just hope u dont skid or bounce of ur bikePlease do not change suspension settings untill n unless ur on race track or adv track : By Baba | 1 month ago
  • The KTM Duke is a rather high seated bike and reaching the floor would be a full stretch. Besides it is a heavy bike and handling it requires a certain degree of physical strength. Try it personally and find out for yourself. : By Ignatius | 2 months ago
  • Please take a test ride of the DUKE 390 & only then make an informed decision.The seat height of the 2017 DUKE 390 is 825 mm. One just has to balance the motorcycle well. Hence, the test ride to figure that one out! : By Prasenjit | 3 weeks ago
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Q. My Height Is Between 5.6 Or 5.7. Is This Bike Suitable For Me For Long Rides How's The Pillion Comfort and Mileage on Highway After how much KM we should change tyres - Duke 390?
  • Your height is perfectly fine for this bike. Pillion Comfort: Forget that you have a Pillion Seat on the 390, the newer version pillion seat is a bit better than the older version but mainly the pillion itself will not be comfortable for a long ride.Tyres: Duke 390 comes with Metzelers, which are considered as one of the best tyres you can opt for. But as the Metz are soft rubber material they wear out easily depending upon driving, and the roads as well. If you are using them on track then they will last around 8k to 10k kms (May be less). And where as for daily commute the Metz will last a bit long till around 12k and if you stretch then you can make it to 13k kms, the life of these tyres is less but trust me upto 12k kms (in some cases, not everyone can push it till 12k kms) you will be having ride of your life with those beast tyres. I personally love the Metz and I replaced them again with Metz even though i had an option of going for Pirelli. Once you are habituated for Metz, I bet you will not go for other tyres. Mileage: On Highways its around 35 Kmpl (more or less) and in city the mileage is around 27-31 or 32 kmpl. (32 kmpl is only when you do not rev it to the max) : By Pranav | 3 months ago
  • You can manage in duke 390 with your height and pillion comfort is bad in 390, mileage on highway is 28 to 30 it depends on how you maintain you bike on city and if you install metzelers it will wear out within 7 to 10k kms. You can always prefer apollo alpha h1 tyres those are phenomenal and it wears out like on 12k to 14k kms : By Adam | 2 months ago
  • For your height the bike should be quite comfortable , for long rides you might need to take few breaks as the pillion is not that comfortable and the mileage that I get on highways is between 22-25kmpl , tyre change depends on your driving , at and avg I recommend to change them at 17-20k km : By Amar | 2 months ago
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Q. Is DUKE 390 longer than its other bikes? I mean from headlight to tail light. I like the motor bike, but i feel its too uncomfortable for 2 people to sit and ride. The seats are too close and small. Its just my view.
  • It Is same as like the other bikes.Both Seats are comfortable for Rider as well as for the pillion, only it's tail is longer as compared to other bike.My rear -left indicator broke twice as it is extreme out. : By Speedx | 11 months ago
  • Yeah, Everybody has Different Point of View, well I loved her for her Quick Response on the Throttle & Control while cutting down on Speed & Majorly While Cornering., HATTS OFF. : By Melwyn | 11 months ago
  • It's just your imagination. But KTM provides even much better & comfortable setting for Duke 390 than its previous model of 2015. : By Chandrakiran | 11 months ago
Q. Hi , Can anyone explain is 390 difficult to ride during low speeds in traffic and city ? For now I am riding a 150 cc bike and if I upgrade to 390 is it easy to ride - Duke 390?
  • Hi Vamsy, it depends in which city do you live? What are its traffic conditions and the condition of roads. To be precise, Duke 390 is not for riding at low speeds as you will face lot of heating issues and also the wide handlebar May not easily allow you to overtake other vehicles in a packed traffic jamm or a slow moving traffic. However, it is not that difficult also, as i stay in bangalore and i purchased Duke 390 for my day to day use. Prior to d390 i had Gixxer 155. I did not face any other issues apart from the above 2 which i have mentioned. Yes, it will be easy to ride... i would suggest you to first try riding any of your friend Duke390 or else visit a showroom and take couple of test rides... till the time you feel confident. Let me tell you something. Duke 390 rides fine till 5,500 rpm.. so try hitting 7,000 and above rpm then only you will get to know the real picture. 😜 : By Anshul | 9 months ago
  • The problem is RPM. The RPM on Duke 390 is not constant. It is difficult to ride in slow speed as the bike will give constant jerks and might stall some times. It's due to high compression engine. But it's still pretty usable but if uh ride below 20 -30 for long time, it will be a tash for you. : By LIFE | 6 months ago
  • I don't say it's difficult, it's doable otherwise there won't be so many around us, but there are some downsides like over heating and the thirst for frequent gear shift.but these are nothing before the fun u can have on a relatively less crowded roads and cornering : By Surya | 1 year ago
Q. Really duke 390 have dual channel ABS?
  • Yes, this bike has pre-loaded Dual channel ABS.You can turn it ON/OFF and also you can put it on SUPER-MOTO MODE which disables the rear ABS. : By Speedx | 11 months ago
  • But it'll seem you just like abs on concrete roads inly : By King | 11 months ago
  • Yes. : By Oommen | 11 months ago
Q. Will the duke 125 come with the TFT display,LED lights like the duke 390 in india?
  • Yes, the KTM 125 Duke will get full TFT instrument console. Although, we can't give any verdict here for Indian spec but in Europe, it sports a design similar to the 2017 390 Duke, with its inverted pitchfork LED headlamps, sharp and angular lines combined with racy graphics and aggressive overall design. : By Zigwheels | 1 year ago
  • No : By Aditya | 3 months ago
  • No : By Vaibhav | 5 months ago
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288 Rating & 108 reviews
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  • 4.6

    I wanted a motorcycle with capabilities of both a commuter and tourer. Also I needed a bike that has good ergonomics, and is equipped with latest features and technologies and is in my budget.KTM Duke 390 2017 was everything above and more. In this price tag, you cannot ask for more. The incredible power that you can feel even shifting from 5th to 6th gear, to the smoothness of the ride, exceptional handling and ergonomics, light weight, Twin mode ABS, digital instrument cluster, ride-by-wire, saddle height, ground clearance, endurance to keep going for 100s of kms with same performance. Everything is top notch. You can have some bikes having better features in some areas, but to get so many in just 1 bike and this price, was exceptional.The only Con I can think of, is its capability to handle very low speeds (in 1st n 2nd gears), and hardness of seat(which u will get used to after a while).

  • 4.2

    city mileage is around 18-20kmpl. highway 24kmpl. no words to explain the thrilling performance. braking system is just amazing. daily city commuting would be expensive and difficult. king of long rides. "riders paradise"few problems are sticked along with this model. maintenance cost and servicing is expensive.

  • 3.4

    most difficult to use in Delhi heat, ECU failure due extreme heating is very common, needs to be kept moving to avoid the same at least in second gear,high reving engine so keeps the rider engaged, very nimble due light weight however due same character needs extra rider weight on the front end.. very fast and nimble but tiring for the rider.The TFT is awesome, one major issue with the bike is screeching metallic noise from the front brakes upon hard braking, KTM does not have a answer for the sameMaint. Cost is very reasonable but frequent replacements are required..

  • 3.8

    I enjoy the power and feel the bike gave me for all these years. Sad to say that very poor service and repairs from KTM Mekri circle service center. Not able to rectify my bike"s issues even after repetitive servicing. Getting bad to worse! Bike is an awesome one otherwise!

  • 3.8

    It's still much Rough than any Honda superbikes. Heating is much beyond, not for summer rides.but engine cutoff eliminated. LED headlights are worst, can't see road if opposite truck coming.Low speed, performance is very poor but high speed 120+ performance is excellent.Stability voids beyond 140.Breaking is awesome but rear break is just bad. front break beyond 140 is become weak point.Front stock tyre looses control beyond 140.Rest best look bike in market.

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  • 3.8

    After long usage I felt that after 2 to 3 years you really have to put lot of amount for maintaining the bike.

  • 4.2

    transmission were worn out in cities and traffic

  • 4.2

    dream of all city boys .duke 390 gud graphics and what a horible acceleration

  • 4.2

    if you r studying in college all the eye on you

  • 4.2


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