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Jawa Perak
Jawa Perak
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  • It is a great cruise bike

    It is a great cruise bike which can be used for daily life and i love the concept of bike as it resembles the captain americaโ€™s bike ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Ž

  • Cruiser pa

    Perak is bike not normal look this best cruiser pattern designed java is awesome sound love it on road and city area comfort drive and otherwise all better.

  • a purchase that is worthwhile

    In more than different colours and features, the Jawa Perak is a modern bike for newer generation. It is an amazing bike model with services at oneโ€™s feet. It is easy to operate and even easier to operate and drive. With attractive exterior built and comfortable seats, it is quite nicely suited for both the driver and the passenger at the back. The showroom offers a very obvious and well deserving price for this model and according to me its a great investment. The other functionalities are top notch and smooth.

  • Perak Majesty, Bobber Heritage.

    I ride my Jawa Perak for More distant than Clearly a Tour. It's drinking the black ritual sportfisherman and letting Perak loose. This motorcycle isn't exclusively for traveling . It all comes down to carrying it out with the special, upsetting fetish of the Perak series. Everyride demonstrates Jawa's devotion to give a disparate riding experience because of the Perak's eye- catching appearance and important interpretation. It's not Clearly a bike. It reflects a rider's love of ritual sedans and the black, icing that every path is met with the presence and faculty for which the Perak is famed.

  • This very good bike comfortable

    This very good bike comfortable to ride with single seat it better then bullet as compared to other bikes

  • 5.0
    Careful rider

    Search JAWA Perak ReviewsExplorePerakFind BikesUS CarsCoronavirusLatest BikesUpcoming BikesCompare BikesSell Your BikeUsed BikesAffordable BikesBike DealersApply LoanPopular BikesMoreJAWA PerakPerak User Reviews4.6โ˜†โ˜†โ˜†โ˜†โ˜†Based on 19 User Reviews5โ˜†68%4โ˜†21%3โ˜†11%2โ˜†0%1โ˜†0%Do You Own This Bike?Share your experience about PerakWrite Your ReviewA legend to stay.4.0โ˜†โ˜†โ˜†โ˜†โ˜†STD (Petrol)Here I go - Perak is the one I was waiting for since 11 years for a change. I have a Pulsar 220 dts-i 2009 model. Still running like a beast. I am on budget, I couldn't find any other bikes under 3 lakhs which could impress me since pulsar 220 back in 2009. Well, i was impressed with 200 but then, the bookings closed for 200 and 220 had started. So... I took a test drive today and was simply mind blown away with the initial pick up and the power (Totally missing in RE for this age and time). I loved everything riding this Legendary bike to be. Yes, there are some cons. Well, to start with, ground clearance is quiet low 160mm I believe, unless you are a careful rider, this is not going to be a right choice for off road activites. Second, yes, you guessed it right. 'The Pillion seat.' Indian mentality asks for a pillion on a bobber but hey there are many engineers out there who could take a challenge or two thrown at them but then again, not recommended as the RTO registers it as 'Single Seat Vehicle.' My GF is the only person who I wish this feature was available for but I still got pulsar with a back seat ;). Nonetheless, I am going to have a wonderful time with this beast. I have tried to give as much information as possible below, do let me know if you need any more information. Yes, I booked the vehicle and the delivery is going to be in the month of September to the least :(. To add to all this, Corona has taken most of our precious time away. Stay safe, stay Clean! Jawa Perak Specifications: Mileage- 30 kmpl Displacement: 334 cc Weight: 176 kg Engine Type: Single Cylinder, Four Stroke, Liquid Cooled, SI Engine, DOHC No. of Cylinders: 1 Max Power: 30 PS Max Torque: 31 Nm Front Brake: Disc Rear Brake:Disc Fuel Capacity: 14 L Body Type : Cruiser Bikes Jawa Perak Features: ABS : Dual Channel LED Tail Light: Yes Speedometer: Analogue Odometer: Digital Fuel gauge: Yes Tyres: Tubeless with rim is so cool!

  • 3.0
    Bike continuously

    After 6 months of booking, i got my perak. The bike got an appealing look. I was attracted with its bobber style. I have bought it for daily commuting. I am the first owner of perak in j&k. Acceleration and performance wise its pretty good. O-100 in just about 8 seconds. Dual channel abs totally helps in controlling the bike when you are riding at more than 100 kmph. I am riding this bike continuously from the past 20 days and thats the pros i felt about this bike. Now talking about the cons. First thing first, the odometer position is totally way forward, while riding, the rider cannot see the down side of the odometer as its face is way forward. Next thing, suspensions are poor, if you are riding at more than 50kmph, it cannot protect you from even small potholes, you will feel super uncomfortable. At even 25kmph, you cannot run over a speed breaker, as the bike will hit the ground due to low ground clearance. Its a super hard bike with poor suspension. Next thing, the horn is very bad as compared to its look. Even activa scooter has better horn than perak. Another thing, the mileage i am getting is about 20-21 kmpl while company claims it to be 35 kmpl and thats too low. Last thing, the side stand is small and it cannot stand on off-road surface as it has a risk to fall down.Final words, its a small ride city bike, that can only be ridden on flat and clean road with no bumps at all (which is not possible on indian roads). So buy only if you are super comfortable in accepting big shocks on small pits for spending around 2.5 lacs on a jawa bobber bike.

  • 4.2
    Caused due

    The bike is great to look at from a distance.But once you approach the bike, You find a lot of wires, Panel gaps and body work asymmetry.The bike is extremely fun to drive in the city, While not disappointing on the highway.The seating position, Although semi-sport, Is very comfortable and not at all stressful for upto 1.5hrs of driving.The suspension was stiff when i got the bike, But got really great at damping after sometime.I never had issues with the ground clearance, Even when i took the guy off-road.I have deep scratches on the right exhaust and left stand, Caused due to leaning during a corner.The bike handles like a charm even at high speeds(if you have the balls).Although i've been tempted to remove the fuse of the abs for more bite, The fact that i've been saved multiple times because of it has prevented me from doing that.Overall the bike is pretty good, And given the fact that not everybody is going to spend 2+ lakhs on a bike with only 1 seat makes it all the more unique and special.I love my perak (bruce).

  • 1.4
    Worst bike

    Worst bike i ever used.I have used to bought this bike around 18 month only yesterday it\'s forth service has been done and there is a lots of issues with the build quality as well as the engine.The body parts like the cover of the chain then the mudguard holder as always the many bolt and nuts are automatically coming out or broking.Today morning i went to the market and the bike engine automatically stopped it is unable to make start around 3.30 hour has been gone till now the bike haven\'t started yet.I am facing this engine problem around 6 or 7 month earlier then also the problem is not solving.It is a huge with a bike then also i have to push this bike towards my home which is around 3 km from the market it is very difficult to handle this type of problem having a bike within 2 years not the complete 2 years.So my suggestion is don\'t take this bike or any other segment of this bike company.

  • 2.6
    Jawa perak

    I am owner of jawa perak unfortunately my experince was not good.Lets talk about some good and bad things about jawa perak bad thing.Engine is not refined its sound like like tractor and service center are also not good average to too low like in city 17 and highways 23.Not made for indian roads specially villages with too many breakers because of ground clearnceheating issue is also a reason i know higher cc bikes heat alot but this bike heat double than royal enfield so you have to wear a gear while driving all parts are damm to costly and no local macenic can repair your bike lets talk about some good things power delivery is just f*****g awesome just like any sports bike.Looks are damm god every single person look back and ask for brand due to low ground clearnce stable on highways and no viberations like re.Speedometer is also not good but it depends on person to person choice.

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