Jawa’s Ashish Joshi Shares Future Plans And What The Brand Has In Store For 2021

Classic Legend’s CEO, Ashish Joshi, promises to massively shorten the waiting period

 Jawa CEO

Jawa Motorcycles has always had a sentimental value in the Indian market. So, when the Mahindra-owned Classic Legends revived the brand and announced the onslaught of the iconic classic in a modern avatar, it took the market by storm. However, the company faced some issues in meeting customer demand. Now, three years later, we catch up with Ashish Joshi, CEO of Classic Legends, to find out what the company has in store for our market now.

Getting Back After The COVID-19 Pandemic

“Today, I can very proudly say it might take you a month or six weeks to get a (Jawa) motorcycle of your choice.”

Like in the rest of the world, the pandemic brought the brand’s production and development to a halt. In fact, some of its upcoming programmes (events) were also delayed. However, Ashish says the brand found a workaround. By letting some key teams work from the factory, while others worked from home, Classic Legends managed to keep the wheels turning.

Another issue it faced was the disruption in the supply of components to the tier 2 suppliers for the brand, especially with a few key parts such as the LCD, which was coming from China. Now, the brand is working on parallel sources for the components to ensure a smoother flow. Do we see the brand delivering the bikes a bit faster? Ashish says the team has worked on improving the supply chain during the lockdown.

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Will Jawa Offer More Accessories Now?

Initially, Jawa refrained from delving into accessories. However, Ashish says, with increasing customer demand, the brand has started working on its line of accessories. The initial lot was showcased during the launch of the Perak, and now, with the 42 2.1, the brand has introduced another set of dedicated accessories.

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Ashish says, not only will all the bikes come with their own range of accessories, but will also have a bunch of lifestyle accessories. From an updated helmet range to two new riding jackets, available in leather and denim, the new range of products will hit the market soon. Ashish also hinted at the availability of stylised components such as fancy fuel caps, new radiator guards, and bar-end weights.

So, Performance Accessories Coming Along?

Jawa is not really keen on introducing performance parts such as free-flow exhausts or accessories such as auxiliary lights, at least at the moment. However, given the customer preference for personalising bikes with additional illumination or other electrical accessories, the brand will fit those accessories without charging labour. In fact, you can purchase select aftermarket products from the dealership itself and get it fitted to your bike. These products are approved by the brand itself and fitted to the bikes in a way that won’t affect other electricals.

“We are working on provisions that will have outlets free. We will provide two or three free connectors from the main wiring harness, so you don’t have to cut the main harness (to fit auxiliary lights or other accessories).”

So, if you’ve been waiting for a louder exhaust from the brand, that is unlikely to happen. According to Ashish, rather than bringing accessories that may violate the regulations, he would prefer introducing better brakes and grippier tyres.

“Performance accessories for us would mean something very different. For us, I would not want to touch something that is regulatory because the law of the land is what it is.”

Can We Expect New Products From Jawa This Year?

Last week, Jawa launched the new 42 2.1, and after spending some time with the bike, it certainly feels like a step-up in terms of quality and performance. Ashish says a slew of products will see the light of the day in 2021. So, will we see a scrambler or an ADV from the brand? While Ashish was tight-lipped about that, he did mention that the focus for the next one year will also be on the other two brands, BSA and Yezdi.

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