Kawasaki Set To Make India Its Production Hub

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  • Aug 2, 2018
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In a bid to target emerging markets like India, Africa and Latin America, the company is planning to manufacture most of its lineup from its Chakan-plant

Kawasaki To Make India Its Production Hub

According to various reports, Kawasaki is planning to make India its manufacturing hub to not only target the domestic market, but also for exporting its motorcycles to markets like Africa and Latin America. This means that models right from the Z250 to the Ninja ZX-10R may get a lot more affordable here.

Kawasaki To Make India Its Production Hub

The reports also mention that the company intends to increase its production capacity to 10,000 units a year in order to cater to the demand from export markets. Until last year, Kawasaki assembled a majority of its motorcycles sold in the country at a plant leased from Bajaj. Since then, the company has invested in a 10,000 sq. metre production facility in Chakan, Pune. This is further indication of the company's plan to increase localised production here.

Kawasaki To Make India Its Production Hub

Kawasaki has also assigned some engineers from Japan to India for finding ways to get local vendors to produce components at a lower cost, especially for models specially targeted for emerging markets. The chief of Kawasaki's Motorcycles and Engine Division, Kazuo Ota, also confirmed that the company is monitoring the potential demand for a 200cc motorcycle and not just larger displacement bikes. He further hinted that the company may also develop all-new models for India.

Kawasaki To Make India Its Production Hub

Currently, India accounts for more than 30 per cent of Kawasaki’s global sales. The Japanese bike manufacturer also aims to sell around 5,000 motorcycles by 2020. It has even set a deadline to double up the number of Kawasaki-only dealership in India, which currently stands at 30.

Kawasaki To Make India Its Production Hub

Japanese reliability and affordability is already a mix for great success in India. And while the company may seem a bit ambitious, the thoughts of a more affordable Ninja should be enough to sway buyers from British and Italian brands. However, it remains to be seen how this strategy plays out in the future.

Source - asia.nikkei.com

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