Here Are 5 Interesting Facts About The Ducati Diavel 1260

  • Jun 9, 2021
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Did you know there’s something common between the Diavel and the new Skoda Octavia?

Ducati’s bruiser cruiser struts back into the country. In the cruiser genre, the Diavel 1260 is one of the most exciting creations and a truly bonkers machine. It is like Jack Black, looks large but quite nimble on its feet. Here are some interesting facts you should know about the cruiser:

Wheelie Control - Is It Necessary On This Cruiser?
Oh, yes. Having ridden the BS4 model, the trail of black rubber that it leaves in its wake is enough evidence that wheelie control is a must. This aid was doing its job perfectly: making sure the front wheel was sticking to terra firma. If you do feel a little adventurous, you can dial it down by a notch or two to enjoy a couple of small-but-controlled wheelies. Would advise against turning it off completely, though.

Launch Control For Them Drag Meets
Let’s say you want to take part in events like the National Drag Racing Championship at the MMRT or the annual Valley Run with the Diavel 1260, Ducati has thrown in a tool just for that very purpose. There are three levels of power launch control, each more fearsome than the one before. The only way to end the madness is either you reach 120kmph and then slam on the brakes hard or you engage the third gear.

More Power To The Cruiser
Who would’ve thought Ducati wasn’t satisfied with the horsepower number that the 1,262cc L-twin DVT motor was putting out. For EU5/BS6, the Italians have extracted more performance, generating 162PS and 129Nm. That’s 3PS extra, which should be enough to balance out any loss of acceleration the Diavel 1260 BS6 would’ve suffered as a result of the extra 5kg heft (kerb weight now rated at 249kg).

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The Skoda Octavia Common Link
Besides the fact that both Ducati and Skoda are owned by Volkswagen, the new Octavia and the Diavel 1260 also have something in common, well almost. The rear tyre of the Diavel 1260 has nearly the same rolling circumference as that of the Octavia. It is one of the chunkiest tyres ever to be fitted to a motorcycle and for good reason. With 120Nm delivered to the rear wheel at revs as low as 4,250rpm, you need enough of a contact patch to put all that torque efficiently.

Here Comes The Money
We were left a bit stunned by the new prices of the Diavel 1260. While asking Rs 79,000 for the standard variant was reasonable, the price premium of Rs 2.24 lakh for the S trim is a bit too extreme. You aren’t getting any new goodies over the older model, which makes its Rs 21.49 lakh price tag rather absurd.

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Ducati Diavel 1260
Ducati Diavel 1260
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