MG Launches New Range Of Accessories For Comet, Hector, Astor, ZS EV And Gloster

  • Jun 7, 2024
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From sunshades to refrigerators, MG is offering a range of summer exclusive accessories for the Gloster, Hector, Comet, Astor and ZS EV

MG Accessories

MG made its India debut in 2019 with the Hector, and since then, has continuously kept on launching new products and updating the existing ones Today, MG has taken a step forward, and introduced an exclusive range of accessories for its cars. Let’s take a look at what these accessories are and the price they are offered it:


MG has offered custom-fit sunshades for the Gloster, Hector, Astor, ZS EV and Comet. These sunshades will surely help to keep the cabin cool and protect the passengers from UV rays and prying eyes. Here are its prices: 




Rs 1,999

Hector/ Hector Plus

Rs 3,999

ZS EV/ Astor

Rs 4,449


Rs 4,739 

Car Cover

MG Car Cover

MG has offered a car cover as an accessory for the Gloster, Hector, Astor, ZS EV and Comet. It is an all-weather cover which helps to protect the car from the sun, rain and dust. 




Rs 1,849

Hector/ Hector Plus

Rs 2,649

ZS EV/ Astor

Rs 2,299


Rs 3,199


MG Car Refrigerator

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MG has offered a compact car refrigerator for the Gloster, Hector, Astor, ZS EV, and Comet models. It is an ideal accessory for longer journeys, to keep your beverages and snacks cool throughout the journey.

Price for all models: Rs 25,000

Ventilated Seats 

MG Ventilated Seat

An accessory exclusive to the Gloster Blackstorm, is the ventilated seats. It ensures comfort and cooling for the passengers through the seat cushions. 

Price for the Gloster Blackstorm: Rs 9,189

Cooler And Warmer Holder

MG Cooler And Warmer Holder

Available for the Gloster, Hector, Astor, ZS EV, and Comet. The cooler and warmer holder ensures that your beverage is at the right temperature at all times. It efficiently helps in cooling or heating beverages, from keeping drinks cool at 6°C or warm at 55°C

Price for all models - Rs 8,399

What do you think about these accessories? Which one according to you is the most useful? Let us know in the comments.

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