EXCLUSIVE: Ampere Nexus and Aspirus Names Trademarked

  • Mar 7, 2024
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Could one of them be the upcoming Ampere NXG scooter?

(Update: The Ampere Nexus has been launched. Check out the details in our launch story.)

Ampere Primus_ Ampere Nexus and Aspirus Trademarked

Ampere EV has trademarked two names: Nexus and Aspirus. The status of both these trademarks are listed as ‘Accepted & Advertised’ meaning these will be the final names of two upcoming electric scooters

According to us, the Nexus trademarked name could be for the upcoming Ampere NXG electric scooter. We think NXG is the name of the pre-production version of the electric scooter and the final production version will be called the Nexus. As for the Aspirus, we think it is the name of an upcoming electric scooter with maxi-scooter-like styling. Mechanically, it should be similar to that of the Nexus.

The Ampere NXG or Nexus (if that’s what the scooter is finally called) has been spied before and from those spy shots, we got to know that it gets a boxy design language with LED headlight and taillight. It also comes equipped with a large digital display, spacious single-piece seat and a front disc brake. It is expected to be priced between the Rs 1.35 lakh and Rs 1.55 lakh mark and will likely be launched by mid-2024.

Ampere Nexus
Ampere Nexus
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