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Ampere Zeal EX

Ampere Zeal EX is a electric scooter with price starting from Rs. 86,690. Zeal EX has a range of 120 km. The Charging time of Zeal EX is 5 hr. It is available in Blue colour only and is offered in a single variant. It can achive a maximum speed of 55 kmph. The bike gets drum brakes in the front and rear, apart from this it weighs 80 kg. Zeal EX is a tough competitor to Suzuki Burgman Street .

56 reviews Write & win ₹ 2000
Rs. 86,690 (Showroom Price in Delhi)
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Ampere Zeal EX Specifications

Key Specifications Top Features
  • Range120 km/charge
  • Battery Capacity2.2 Kwh
  • Charging Time5 Hr
  • Top Speed55 km/Hr
  • Kerb Weight80 Kg
  • Ground Clearance145 mm
Specs & Features of Zeal EX

Ampere Zeal EX Price

Ampere Zeal EX price price starts at Rs. 86,690. Ampere Zeal EX is offered in a single variant - STD.
Variants Ex-Showroom Price


120 km/charge . 2.2 Kwh . 5 Hr
Rs. 86,690
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Ampere Zeal EX comparison with similar scooters

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120 km
Battery Capacity
2.2 kwh
Electricity Price
Total Running Cost
Rs 0.12/kilometer

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Ampere Zeal EX User Reviews

Based on 56 reviews & 7 rating
Write & win ₹ 2000
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  • I have been the owner of the Ampere Zeal Ex from.

    I have been the owner of the Ampere Zeal Ex from. 3 years and I really love its characteristic of lightweight. It has a very decent appearance and this electric scooter has a very portable battery. It gives a very decent and an amazing ride. This impressive electric scooter has a strong motor BLDC motor of 1800 watt It comes with Drum brakes on both the wheels. It has also has a good range of about 120 km per change.

  • Unleashing Electric Excitement on Every Lift!

    The Ampere Zeal EX is a disclosure in the electric scooter sphere, delivering a symphonious mix of authority and effectiveness. Its robust figure and coincidental project transude a sense of civic complication. The zippy acceleration and responsive running make conning through business a beatitude. With an emotional range and swappable battery point, the Zeal EX ensures continued peregrinations. Ampere has struck the full passion, offering an electric scooter that not only performs admirably but also elevates the excitement of emigration- free commuting to new heights.

  • Just love it

    Ampere Energy Ex is an astounding bike that gives you every one of the elements expected in a decent vehicle. It is comfortable and gives a truly good sitting position and it likewise has a high driving reach. Alongside that, it likewise has a high battery power that makes the drive e en really astounding and daring. It is likewise truly smooth out and about and accompanies an extraordinary plan too. It likewise has a high maximum velocity. By and large, j love it

  • Energetic and Agile

    Thе Ampеrе Zеal EX is an еnеrgеtic and agilе еlеctric scootеr that has еxcееdеd my еxpеctations. With its nimblе еlеctric motor, this scootеr offеrs quick accеlеration and a smooth ridе, making it pеrfеct for navigating through traffic. Thе long-lasting battеry providеs a dеcеnt rangе, allowing mе to complеtе my daily commutеs without worrying about rеcharging frеquеntly. Thе compact and lightwеight dеsign makеs it еasy to manеuvеr and park. Thе comfortablе sеating and amplе storagе spacе add convеniеncе to my ridеs. Thе Ampеrе Zеal EX is a fantastic choicе for thosе sееking an еnеrgеtic and agilе еlеctric scootеr for city commuting.

  • Electric Adventure Awaits

    Thе Ampеrе Zеal EX еmbodiеs еxcitеmеnt in еlеctric mobility, offеring a spiritеd ridе with its еfficiеnt еlеctric motor. Its slееk and modеrn dеsign blеnds stylе with functionality, еnsuring a comfortablе and agilе urban commutе. With its nimblе handling and еrgonomic fеaturеs, it catеrs to dynamic city riding. Howеvеr, еnhancing its charging infrastructurе could furthеr еlеvatе its usability for longеr trips. Ovеrall, thе Zеal EX stands as an еxhilarating and еco-conscious choicе, dеlivеring a fun and еfficiеnt ridе, making it an appеaling option for ridеrs sееking an еlеctrifying urban advеnturе.

  • the verdant transportation revolution

    Ampere Zeal EX entering the marketplace with almost breathtaking experiences . In the ever- evolving geography of electric instruments, the Ampere Zeal Ex emerges as a frontrunner, subtly rewriting the regulations. Its flawless project harmonizes with dynamic interpretation, offering an invisible yet stirring lift. Civic commuting finds a new accompaniment in its reliable range and rapid-fire charging, provisioned for theeco-conscious megacity resider. With an ergonomically meliorated interface and big seating, conning bustling thoroughfares becomes an indulgence. Ampere's unvarying devotion to sustainable process finds expression in the Zeal Ex, an understated herald of the verdant transportation revolution.

  • Electrifying Urban Commuting

    The Ampere Zeal EX is a revolutionary electric scooter that redefines civic mobility with its satiny design andeco-friendly performance. It emerges as an instigative choice for those looking to make a green shift in their diurnal commute. Powered by a dependable electric motor, the Zeal EX offers a quiet and emigrations-free lift, aligning impeccably witheco-conscious transportation requirements. Its long- lasting battery provides ample range for diurnal civic peregrinations, and recharging is a breath. With ultramodern features like a digital display and effective retardation systems, the Zeal EX enhances the riding experience. Safety is consummate, withanti-theft features to cover your investment.

  • Test drive

    I was thrilled with the performance of ampere zeal ex after taking it for a test drive.The scooter provides a smooth and pleasant ride, And the electric engine is powerful enough for city travel.The battery range was also adequate, Which gave me confidence in its suitability for extended journeys.The scooter's simple design, On the other hand, Left me wanting more.The overall look is devoid of any distinguishing characteristics or distinctive style components.While zeal ex functions admirably, It may need a more aesthetically pleasing appearance.Nonetheless, If looks aren't a priority, The zeal ex is a good pick in terms of performance and usefulness.

  • Zeal EX User Reviews

Compare Ampere Zeal EX with Similar Scooters

Bike Name
Ampere Zeal EX
Ex-Showroom Price Rs.86,690* Rs. 74,999* Rs. 95,998* Rs. 98,300* Rs. 69,990* Rs. 94,900* Rs. 69,540* Rs. 78,819* Rs. 84,443*
User Rating 4.7 (56 reviews) 4.2 (273 reviews) 4.1 (561 reviews) 3.9 (264 reviews) 4.7 (94 reviews) 3.3 (190 reviews) 3.5 (10 reviews) 3.7 (21 reviews) 3.5 (179 reviews)
Mileage 120 Km/Charge 143 Km/Charge 127 Km/Charge 135 Km/Charge 90 Km/Charge 121 Km/Charge 70 Km/Charge 75 Km/Charge 81 Km/Charge
Power - 6 kW - - - - - - 2.7 kW
Top speed 55 km/Hr 90 km/Hr 63 km/Hr 48 km/Hr 50 km/Hr 50 km/Hr 25 km/Hr 25 km/Hr 56 km/Hr

Ampere Zeal EX Riding Range

ARAI Claimed 120 Km/Charge
User Reported 90 Km/Charge

Must Read Questions & Answers Before Buying Zeal EX

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Q. Is Ampere Zeal EX available with a disc brake?
  • No, the Ampere Zeal EX comes with the drum brakes.
Q. What about the subsidy for the Ampere Zeal EX?
  • In order to get detailed information about the subsidy and its eligibility criteria, we would suggest you exchange your words with an authorized dealership or nearest RTO. As these rules may differ in different states. Check out dealership details.
Q. What is the charging time of the Ampere Zeal EX?
  • The charging time of the Ampere Zeal EX is 5 Hours.
Q. What are the top competitors of Ampere Zeal EX?
  • The Ampere Zeal EX rivals the likes of the Okinawa Ridge, Okinawa Lite, Hero Electric Optima and the Bounce Infinity E1.
Q. How many colours are available in Ampere Zeal EX?
  • Ampere Zeal EX is available in 1 colours only i.e. Blue.
Q. What is the range of the Ampere Zeal EX?
  • The e-scooter comes with an ARAI-certified range of 120km.

Ampere Zeal EX FAQs

What is the price of Ampere Zeal EX in 2024?

The 2024 ex-showroom price of Ampere Zeal EX is 86,690.

What is the mileage of Ampere Zeal EX in 2024?

The ARAI claimed mileage of Ampere Zeal EX is 120 Km/Charge.

Does the Ampere Zeal EX have ABS?

No, ABS feature is not available in Ampere Zeal EX.

Which is better Ampere Zeal EX or Ola S1 X?

Ampere Zeal EX Price starts at Rs. 86,690 which is Rs. 11,691 costlier than base model of Ola S1 X priced at Rs. 74,999. Compare Ampere Zeal EX vs Ola S1 X on the basis of price, specs, features, reviews.

What is the EMI of Ampere Zeal EX in Delhi?

The EMI for the base variant of Ampere Zeal EX in Delhi is Rs. 2,497 per month @ 9.45% for a tenure of 36 months.

What are the colours available in Ampere Zeal EX?

Ampere Zeal EX is available in 1 colour : Blue. View colour images of Zeal EX.

What is the top speed of Ampere Zeal EX?

The maximum speed of Ampere Zeal EX is 55 km/Hr

What is the kerb weight of Ampere Zeal EX?

The kerb weight of Ampere Zeal EX is 80 Kg.

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