Truth is strange: 93 reasons why the Lectrix LXS G scooters should be on top of your EV scooter shopping list

  • Aug 16, 2023
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Your best EV scooter purchase may not be the obvious and the most hyped choices!

Electric scooters are gaining popularity amongst consumers. However, with so many options out there, choosing the right EV scooter within the right budget and with the right features can get tricky. 

It is important to know what to consider before buying any EV scooter. Basis our experience with EVs and our research, one should consider the following: 

Smart features, Safety features, Comfort features, Sturdiness, Service ease & Availability.  

When you consider everything, a simple but compelling discovery for the Zigwheels team has been the Lectrix LXS G scooters. Lectrix is a SAR Group company with a strong credibility in making batteries, EV drivetrains, BMS and IOT for the EVs. The LXS G scooters are offered in two variants - the G 2.0 & G 3.0, and here are why we strongly recommend them. 

To begin with, these scooters are priced just right for the Indian buyers. The Lectrix LXS G2.0 is priced at Rs. 1,02,999 (introductory price of Rs. 97,999) while the G3.0’s price will be revealed later.

Comfort Features 

When it comes to choosing any scooter, the topmost preference is usually given to the comfort features of the scooter. To that end, the Lectrix LXS G2.0 & 3.0 offer 14 features that are bound to increase rider comfort. 

For starters, the scooter comes with a Reverse mode. This will help take out the scooter when parked on a slope or in tight spaces. The telescopic suspension offers a compliant ride across all kinds of road surfaces while the long seat comes in to offer a comfortable journey to not just the rider but also the passenger. 

The Lectrix also boasts of good ride handling along with a floor height that offers higher comfort. The switches are positioned in reach of the rider as well. Lastly, by offering two battery options, buyers can choose as per their budget and usage requirements.

Some of the other features on the Lectrix includes USB charger, practical boot space, handy luggage hook and an aluminium footrest for the pillion. Customers can book service appointments via the company’s mobile app. 


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The Lectrix is offered with a Hub-based BLDC 10-inch motor. In the G2.0, it is rated at 1200W with a peak power of 1800W. The max torque is 90Nm @ 150rpm. Meanwhile in the G3.0, there is a 1500W motor with a peak performance of 2200W. The maximum torque is 110Nm @ 52rpm. The former gets a 46Ah battery while the latter comes with a larger 60Ah unit. 

The company offers two modes on both these scooters. The Eco mode restricts the speed to 40kmph in both models, while the Power modes ups this to 55kmph and 60kmph respectively in G2.0 and G3.0. The company claims a 0-40kmph acceleration time of 10.5 seconds and 9.5 seconds for the two variants. The Gradeability of the scooters is 12 degrees.

As per the Indian Driving cycle, the range is claimed to be 80km and 105km on a full charge.  

While all these are the performance numbers, the company has equipped the scooter with features like battery cooling, regenerative braking, Eco and Power modes, an aerodynamic body, FOC controller and more. The bundled 18A / 920W charger is good to charge the scooters in three and four hours for the G2.0 and G3.0, respectively. Overall, the scooter comes with 10 Performance features.

Connected Features 

The Lectrix LXS comes with a host of smart features. These include a Bluetooth Connectivity and a Mobile App, navigation assist, keyless access, and more. The scooter also displays the units consumed while charging the battery and reports the CO2 saved. The App is handy to locate the nearest charging station, and understand ride statistics like average range per charge and time to fully charge the battery.

Users can also set a customer start-up message as well benefit from a real-time clock, get an intelligent ride management system, use voice-enabled ignition and monitor live location of the scooter amongst others. 

The rider will get all the required information handily on the display including current consumption, distance to empty, digital speedometer, and others. Overall, the scooter’s 24 Smart Features make it an enticing choice.

Safety Features

Lectrix LXS comes with multiple safety features. For starters, there is auto indicator, side stand safety, follow-me headlamp, helmet warning, powerful headlamps, tubeless tyres and a combined braking system. 

The motor is waterproof and gets a Hall sensor for additional safety. The scooter also monitors and reports critical information like Battery SOC, SoH (state of health), Battery handshaking (prevention of installing unauthorised battery), current handling technique, and adaptive charging. 

Safety features like Emergency SOS alert, Anti-theft / Immobilisation Assist, Geo-fencing, Speed lock, vehicle diagnostics like ride stats, service records, etc as well as Find My Scooter live location are available as well. The Lectrix LXS comes with 36 Safety Features in total, making it stand apart from the rest. 

Service at Home 

Lastly, it is not enough to only go by the brand name or budget. A scooter is your daily driver. It becomes part of our daily lives like nothing else. Therefore, it is important that we look into timely and hassle-free serviceability of the scooter that we choose to buy. In our conversations with Lectrix customers, we found that the brand is able to resolve problems consistently within four to six hours. Lectrix also provides your service at home! And since the company is fully indigenous, there are no problems with availability of parts too! 

It’s these little things that really matter in the end. When you consider the buying your brand-new EV Scooters, you must remember that your best buy may not be the so-called obvious and most hyped choice! 

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