This EV Company Has Built The Hero Splendor’s Doppelganger

The ADMS Boxer comes out as a cheap knockoff of the iconic Indian commuter

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Belgaum-based electric two-wheeler manufacturer ADMS showcased its new electric motorcycle, the Boxer, at the Green Vehicles Expo in Bengaluru. Despite repeated attempts, the company refused to share any details of the electric motorcycle, though here’s what we know so far.

One glance at the ADMS Boxer, and you know that the iconic Hero Splendor has been its design inspiration. From the square headlight and taillight to the faux fuel tank and even the console, almost everything is straight off the legendary commuter. That said, the quality is nowhere close to Hero MotoCorp’s.

There are some things that don’t seem to be borrowed from the Splendor. For starters, the handlebar, along with the grips and the switch cube, is unique to this bike. Although the Boxer’s console is identical to the Splendor, the company has swapped out the tachometer and fuel gauge for a range indicator.

The ADMS Boxer uses a hub motor paired with a lithium-ion battery. While the company hasn’t shared any specifications, this electric bike boasts three riding modes and a reverse mode, with a claimed range of 140km in ‘Eco’ mode.

Hardware is pretty basic with a telescopic fork and dual shock suspension setup, and drum brakes at both ends. Though the brakes are operated like a traditional bike, the company intends to introduce regenerative braking via the left lever. However, currently, the lever didn’t not have any cable attached.

The ADMS joins the slew of sub-standard electric two-wheelers that have been cropping in the Indian market. Now, with the new BIS standards set for electric vehicles, manufacturers will have to adhere to strict norms and present quality products to the consumers.


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