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Aprilia SXR 160
Aprilia SXR 160
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Aprilia SXR 160 User Reviews

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  • Premium scooter

    Recently i bought Aprilia SXR 160 . It is a unique scooter offering a blend of maxi-scooter comfort, sporty design, and a powerful 160cc engine. It features a large windscreen for wind protection, a comfortable seat with ample legroom which provides me a comfortable ridning positon, sporty wheels, and comes in a variety of color options. Overall it is an excellent choice for riders seeking a feature-rich and powerful . However it does not provide adequate power.

  • A Stylish Commuter

    Having owned the Aprilia SXR 160 for the past few months, I had a mixed bag of experiences. Right off the bat, this scooter commands attention with its sleek Italian styling and impressive build quality. Powered by a vigorous 160cc ,3 valve engine it churns out about 10 HP which makes it one of the most powerful scooters in its segment. The pickup is remarkable and it cruises smoothly at high speeds without much vibration.However, while it excels in performance, it is equally heavy on the pocket. Clocking in at around 40 km/l, the fuel efficiency is not going to win any awards.

  • Delightful package ride

    The Aprilia SXR 160 is a delightful mix of style and performance, sporting Italian design and massive engineering. The 160cc engine gives a nice pickup while consuming less fuel. The roomy seat and additional storage cater for practicality, the ideal choice for urban riders. On the other hand, a firm suspension can be uncomfortable on rough roads, and excessive price might deter some customers. Overall, the SXR 160 gives you a good riding experience with its appealing design and exciting performance. It therefore is a good option if you want both a good looking and good performing scooter.

  • Brillant performance

    Aprilia SXR 160 is a maxi style scooter that is popular for its design and is a proper sporty and aggressive style scooter that really look like a bike but the rear mirror view is not good. The seat has enough space and it has a very linear torque and power and the performance is brillant but give some vibration and the seat is not comfortable. It is quite smooth and the tyre grips actually well but the suspension is hard for that feel bumps and for comfort this scooter is not good.

  • Aprilia SXR 160 Premium Urban Cruiser

    My favored option for an upmarket city floating experience is the Aprilia SXR 160. For its excellent looks and quiet best experience, I love my scooter. Because of its strong machine and smooth ride, it's a lot of fun to ride through city areas. The satiny appearance and coincidental features give an luxurious driving experience. I like how ultrapractical features like the digital instrument package and LED lighting make the ride more comfortable and Stylish. My love for my scooter only deepens due to its delicate looks and reliable best experience. A decoration accompaniment for gracefully covering megacity Streets, the Aprilia SXR 160 is More than exclusively a ride.

  • 3.0
    I've been riding an Aprilia

    I've been riding an aprilia sxr 160 for two years now, And clocked 20k kilometers.This is my honest take on the so-called maaxi scooter from the italian manufacturer.The vehicle is an instant head-turner for its unique style.I personally don't like the whole package but loves the look from the front, Especially the glowing head.Positivs first: it has amazing ride comfort, Beautifulstance, Economical if you drive under 40.Cons: they don't sell a lot of this model, So it's incredibly difficult to find parts.The after sales service is pathetic; i changed the service stations (in kerala) three times because technicians are careless, Clueless, Unresponsive, And unethical.One service center broke my bike's visor replacement of which is non existant.The key loose issue is prevalent across all aprilia vehicles.It could cause your vehicle stop abruptly during ride, Super dangerous.Batteries died like after 8 months, After i didn't able to ride the bike for like 4 days straight.The seat storage buckle is easily gets damaged and you cannot close the lid because the seat is designed to drag you to the tip.Fuel meter is ridiculous, It never shows the exact fuel.Sometimes you start riding and it shows 3 bars and 1 kilometers in, It goes back to low fuel.So you need to make a lot of calculations to get the fuel right.The pass light button is bit hard to use and sometimes malfunctions.And the fuel economy is terrible, Probably under 30 kmpl if you drive over 48kms if you're going to buy this vehicle, I'd suggest going through this checklist1.Check all the service stations ratings on google maps.If the ratings is below 4, Please bear in mind, You're going tonhabe a pathetic aftersales service.2.Parts are not easily available.To an extent it's not available at all.So, If you are buying this to daily commute that results in the vehicle with wear and tear, Don't buy.3.Be prepared for the loose keyset.The vehicle will stop, Won't self start, Would stop all in a sudden putting you in real danger.4.This is not economical at all.Expect frequent visits to petrol stations.

  • Luxury Comfort, Sporty Performance

    The versatile Aprilia SXR 160 breaks the limit of treat and sporty performance, delivering riders a premium riding experience with the epochal design of maxi-scooter. The auto which has distinctively sporty look displayed in large front Janat, full-LED lighting all around and a body with aerodynamic curves simply screams elegance and style while driving. Along with 160cc engine it has been specially equipped with high performance and smooth cruise, does not matter whether you are travelling in a metro city or taking a long trip as it serves as a loyal companion. The SXR 160's plush seating, a lot of legroom for both riders and the pillions, take a seat position that is not only comfortable but also with ergonomic riding such as rider and pillion will have the best comfort while riding.

  • Aprilia SXR 160 Elegant Cruising Redefined

    The Aprilia SXR 160 redefines the floating experience for riders with its charming combination of Expression and interpretation. Its strong 160cc Mechanism provides a smooth and important ride on a variety of domains with an tasteful interpretation. The scooter's special front apron and dualtone bodywork, together with its maxiscooter faculty, make it sit out in tours of two wheeler. Its ample and canny seating makes for a more pleasurable voyage, but it might be indeed more pleasurable to stint with a many further features for rider luxury. The tasteful and comfortable Aprilia SXR 160 provides riders with a Fashionable and comfortable volition for City riding and beyond. Its dynamic interpretation and smart two wheeler reach.

  • Aprilia SXR is a feature-packed

    Aprilia sxr is a feature-packed wonder that well outperforms expectations.This scooter is loaded with innovative technologies that improve both performance and convenience.Aprilia sxr has a strong engine that provides outstanding acceleration and peak speed, Making it ideal for city commuting as well as extended journeys.The modern digital instrument cluster on the scooter delivers clear and comprehensive information such as speed, Fuel level, And trip statistics.Led illumination, Smartphone connectivity, And abundant storage space are among the other features that enhance sxr's practicality and functionality.Aprilia sxr is an excellent choice if you're seeking for a scooter with a wide range of features.

  • Every trip is entertaining

    I own an Aprilia SXR 160 with a friend, and we really like riding it to work every day! Every trip is entertaining and fun because to the scooter's performance and stylish appearance. The SXR 160 never lets us down, whether we're travelling to college or just touring the city. It certainly stands out on the road because to its fashionable appearance. The presence of front disc brakes and rear drum brakes provides dependable braking control for increased safety. It seems light to handle and manoeuvre at 129 kg. It's appropriate for our regular journeys with a gasoline tank size of 7 gallons. The Aprilia SXR 160 is an excellent scooter all around that makes our travels interesting and fun.

  • SXR 160 User Reviews

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