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Aprilia SR 160
Aprilia SR 160
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  • Decent scooter

    My Aprilia SR 160 is a perfect partner of mine . It is a 160cc scooter known for its powerful engine, sporty design, and focus on performance. Itis a punch with a 160.03cc, single-cylinder, air-cooled, fuel-injected engine. It provides a sharp and aggressive design. The riding position leans towards sporty with a slight forward lean on the handlebars. This might not be ideal for very long rides for some riders, but it offers a more engaging experience for performance-oriented riders.

  • Aprilia SR 160: A High level Commute

    Purchasing the Aprilia SR 160 has been an exhilarating decision. This scooter breaks the mold with its robust 160cc engine pushing out a commendable 11 HP which means overtaking on highways is no longer a tense moment. Its sporty design turns heads, and the ride quality feels more motorcycle than scooter specially with its superior acceleration and sharp brakes.On the downside the SR 160’s ride can be quite stiff, not everyone will appreciate the firm suspension setup specially on long commutes.

  • Ultimate Thrill on Two Wheels

    Aprilia SR 160 possesses the perfect combination of style, performance, and agility on two wheels. Fascinatingly, it blends all aspects seamlessly. It's immediately sporty feature attracts users attention, and the 160cc engine provides a spectacular ride. The compact size lovingly articulates and its responsive brake eliminates urban driving uncertainty. Nevertheless, it may not fit all riders' inclinations, in particular over rough terrain. In general, for those desiring a unique combination of style and agility, the SR 160 is a great choice for everyday use or weekend trips of fun.

  • Average scooter

    It is a sporty scooter and the engine is very impressive but the suspension is on the stiffer side and because is a sport posture scooter the comfort level is not good and the rear view mirror is very small. Maximum i got mileage with this scooter is around 35 kmpl and it ride comfortable at 70 to 75 kmph but the boot space is very less in this scooter and the headlight visibiltiy is very poor. The look of this scooter is sporty and aggressive but the quality of plastic is not good in this scooter.

  • Aprilia SR 160 Sporty Urban Scooter

    My favored option for a super city scootering experience is the Aprilia SR 160. I am in love with my scooter because of its instigative best experience and Stylish looks. Because of its strong machine and skillful running, riding it through city Streets is relatively thrilling. On the road, the satiny looks and coincidental features guarantee a head- turning appearance. Itsmore advanced technologies, such the digital instrument package and ABS, ameliorate the riding experience altogether, and I like that. My love for my scooter only deepens because of its surprising looks and ingenious looks. The Aprilia SR 160 is a super accompaniment that makes diurnal travel more instigative than simply a position to ride.

  • 3.4
    Indian roads

    Before getting into details on the bike just one point, Bought the bike from space motors andheri west, Mumbai on 7th june, 2022, Still not have received the rc book after 120 days.Escalated issue with aprilia head office pune and the dealer.Not a positive experience in terms of closing the issue and taking responsibility as i believe i had paid for the rto fees before delivery.Aprilia pune is having a tough time to reach out to their higher authorities, They are trying since the last 2 days.Aprilia bike is smooth, However not for indian roads, As gaps between gutter lids and road too much, Wheel gets stuck.Had 3 horrific experiences when i landed between the gaps, Which normally bikes tide over but aprilia needs to do work on suspension to manage these conditions.Mileage very low, Fuel gauge faulty from day 1.Bike is smooth in terms of transmission, Glides on slopes, Higher altitude, Very good feel.Suspension work is critical and so is the fuel gauge which shows zero fuel on indicator even though bike is half full.

  • Sporty Agility, Powerful Performance

    The Aprilia SR 160 demonstrates athletic acceleration and excellent power so to create a stimulating riding experience in a compact and dynamic body. Its sharp, aerodynamic, feisty design, with powerful, sporty graphics, glowy lights, and it vividly exhibits athleticism; showing that it’s fit for the road. Underscored by the mighty 160cc engine it can provide exhilaration during quick acceleration or good top speed depending on choice and make for an epic companion in city commute, though is a guaranteed breath-taker when indulged in racing. The SR 160 has a playful, nimble feeling, a responsive braking and adroit grip that offer first-rate control and confidence-inspiring maneuverability on the urban commuter and twisty roads.

  • Sporty Agility for Urban Adventures

    The Aprilia SR 160 offers users a dynamic and interpretation- concentrated scooter for megacity transportation, bringing around dégagé dexterity to City gests . Its important 160cc Mechanism delivers a thrilling interpretation that guarantees rapid-fire acceleration and skillful running. The scooter's satiny shape and crisp lines are a reflection of Aprilia's fidelity to sporting two wheeler. Although its ambitious two wheeler makes it more charming, it may be more able for standard operation if it had further features for rider comfort and functionality. For riders who value dexterity and Expression in their City Tours, the Aprilia SR 160 is a satisfying option because of its dégagé address and buoyant interpretation.

  • Racing DNA Unleashed

    Aprilia SR 160 dеlivеrs a thrilling ridе infusеd with racing hеritagе. Its powеrful 160cc еnginе еxеmplifiеs racing spirit, blеnding agility with spееd for a standout pеrformancе in thе scootеr sеgmеnt. Thе sporty and aggrеssivе dеsign, couplеd with rеsponsivе handling and cornеring stability, sеts it apart. Thе disc brakе systеm with ABS еnhancеs safеty. Howеvеr, a firm ridе quality and compact storagе might bе drawbacks. Uniquе fеaturеs includе Aprilia Connеctivity, a racе-inspirеd instrumеnt clustеr, and widеr tirеs. Thе SR 160 is a compеlling choicе for еnthusiasts sееking a dynamic urban riding еxpеriеncе, cеlеbrating spееd and stylе.

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