Can You Charge The Ola S1 Pro Via The Ather Grid?

Both scooters have fast charging options, so it should be possible, right?

Among the multiple charging options available at your disposal to charge the electric scooter, the Ola S1 Pro’s best and fastest method will be the Hypercharger network of charging stations. But much like the scooter, the charging stations aren’t ready for public usage across India. Hence, if you do get the scooter in the coming couple of weeks, would you be able to fast charge its 3.97kWh battery via the Ather Grid of fast chargers?

Simply put, no.

The reason being that Ola uses a proprietary charging slot. Think of it like the Ather using a Type-C charging slot for the 450X while Ola using an Apple iPhone-only Lightning slot. This means that until the Hyperchargers become easily accessible across India, you can only use the standard 750W portable charger that is provided with the scooter.

You would think that using a proprietary slot for the S1 Pro beats the purpose of mass electrification of Indian motoring. If Ola was to use a common charging port, something that the majority of the industry uses, it would have helped easing range anxiety issues to a great extent. When asked why the company chose such a unique solution, here’s what it had to say.

Ola is currently struggling to meet the demands and that’s due to the semiconductor chipset shortage the world is currently facing. Hopefully, deliveries of the S1 Pro should commence in the first couple of weeks of December. We did manage to sample the S1 Pro for a short duration in a closed environment and came back with mixed feelings. Allow the ed Kartik to tell you exactly why the S1 Pro holds a lot of potential.

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