Maruti Grand Vitara Mild Hybrid And Strong Hybrid Put Through Its Paces

We test both the engine options in Maruti Suzuki’s latest offering to tell which one is quicker and more fuel efficient

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Maruti Suzuki offers the Grand Vitara, its new compact SUV, with two petrol engine options. The mainstay of the range is the 1.5-litre mild-hybrid unit, but there is also the segment-exclusive Toyota-sourced 1.5-litre strong hybrid engine to choose from. We had both the cars in our garage for a couple of days, and in this report, we’ll be answering which one is quicker and sips the least amount of fuel. 

Spec Check


Maruti Grand Vitara Mild Hybrid

Maruti Grand Vitara Strong Hybrid


1.5-litre four-cylinder NA Petrol

1.5-litre 3-cylinder hybrid



116PS (Combined Output)



141Nm (Combined Output)

Transmission Option

5-speed MT / 6-speed AT



On paper, the Grand Vitara’s mild hybrid engine is less powerful than the strong hybrid powertrain. However, one point to note is that the mild hybrid engine is Maruti’s familiar four-cylinder engine, while the strong hybrid unit is a three-cylinder unit that’s slightly less refined.  

Plus, only the mild hybrid engine offers you the choice of a manual and automatic ‘box, while the strong hybrid gets only an e-CVT. We pitch both the automatic variants in this test. 

Which One Is Quicker?  


Maruti Grand Vitara Mild Hybrid

Maruti Grand Vitara Strong Hybrid*


15.13 seconds

11.55 seconds


8.48 seconds

8.55 seconds 

*Tested in wet conditions


The Grand Vitara strong hybrid is almost four seconds quicker than the mild hybrid variant. Strong hybrid cars are assisted by the instant torque from the electric motor under hard acceleration, helping the Grand Vitara post a better 0-100kmph time. However, it’s the roll-on acceleration time that matters and the mild-hybrid variant is just a smidge quicker than the strong hybrid variant. 

Which One Sips Less Fuel? 


Maruti Grand Vitara Mild Hybrid

Maruti Grand Vitara Strong Hybrid








Hybrid cars, especially in town, are known to be incredibly fuel efficient as they can potter around in pure electric mode in part throttle. And the proof in the pudding can be seen in the table, where the strong hybrid is almost 12kmpl more fuel efficient than the mild hybrid in the city. 

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However, on the highway, the long-legged nature of the mild-hybrid engine means that gap is down to just three kmpl. Plus, the strong-hybrid engine starts to run out of steam at higher speeds.  

Price And Verdict 


Maruti Grand Vitara Mild Hybrid

Maruti Grand Vitara Strong Hybrid

Ex-showroom Price

Rs 10.45 lakh to Rs 17.05 lakh

Rs 17.99 lakh to Rs 19.65 lakh


In the confines of this test, it’s the strong hybrid variant that’s quicker and much more fuel efficient than the mild hybrid. And that’s why it wins this test. To know how the Maruti Suzuki Grand Vitara performs in the real world, read our in-depth first drive review.

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