Jeep Compass vs Tata Safari: Which One Is Quicker From 0-100kmph?

  • Mar 4, 2024
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Both cars share the same engines, but they use different automatic transmissions. Does that make a difference in the real-world performance?

In the latest edition of the Zig performance report, we line up the Jeep Compass and Tata Safari. While one might be a 5-seater and the other a three-row SUV, they have one thing in common: the engine. That said, both the cars here utilise different automatic transmissions. Does this element affect their real-world performance? 

We are going to find out that in this report. 

But before we push on, a quick spec check. The Compass and Safari are powered by the Fiat-sourced 170 PS 2-litre diesel engine. In the Jeep, this engine is coupled with a 9-speed torque converter automatic, while in the Tata, it is paired with a Hyundai-sourced 6-speed torque converter ‘box. Both cars here are front-wheel-drive, but the Jeep also offers you an optional all-wheel-drive system. 

Acceleration Test 


Jeep Compass

Tata Safari

0-100 kmph 

11.24 seconds 

13.23 seconds

20-80 kmph roll-on acceleration

7.3 seconds 

8.13 seconds

In the 0-100kmph run, the Jeep Compass managed to beat the Safari by nearly two seconds. But a more realistic way to point out real-world performance is in the roll-on acceleration run, where once again the Jeep Compass beat the Tata Safari by a slim margin. This is despite the fact that the Safari has a much more responsive automatic transmission than the Compass’ unit. 

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Price And Verdict 


Jeep Compass

Tata Safari


Rs 20.69 lakh onwards

Rs 16.11 lakh onwards 

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In this test, the Jeep Compass managed to beat the Tata Safari in both the outright and roll-on acceleration runs. Therefore, the Jeep SUV takes the crown. That being said, both SUVs, when it comes to using them in a daily scenario, have more than enough power. You can check out our impressions by tapping the links below to our first drive review:

Tata Safari Video Review

Tata Safari
Tata Safari
Rs. 16.19 Lakh
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