Our Collection Of The Best Videos From 2020 Is Guaranteed To Keep You Hooked!

Bring out the popcorn, get comfortable and enjoy ZigWheels’ Must Watch Binge List of fine automotive entertainment from the year gone by!

In a year like 2020 it can be a little difficult to remember the good things that happened. So here we are, reminding you of our finest automotive moments. From driving some of the year’s most important cars and motorcycles, devising some relatable real-world tests for these machines, to resorting to absolute stupidity at times, these videos have it all. Some of you may have watched some of these already, but hey, it’s always fun to revisit your favourite videos isn’t it? For those who haven’t, it’s never too late to catch up!

1. Tata Harrier meets its heroes

In just a relatively short span of time Tata Motors has come a long way from its TELCO days and its latest SUV - the Harrier is truly a world-class product. Early on in the year we paid homage to the Harrier’s forefathers - iconic vehicles from Tata’s stables that helped the dna evolve into what it is today. This one’s sure to send you on a trip down memory lane, and don’t miss the bit when the Harrier rides next to its ancestors - that gave us goosebumps!

2. KTM 250 Adventure vs BMW G 310 GS (Feat. RE Himalayan)

The newest offering from Austria came with a lot of expectations - to make the Adventure tag more accessible to Indian buyers. When we actually took the 250 Adventure out to take on the freshly revised internals and price tag of the BMW G 310 GS though, there was a mighty surprise waiting for us. And then there was the smug Royal Enfield Himalayan to keep these two ‘premium’ tourers honest too.

3. Mahindra Thar: Old vs New

It was probably the most talked about car to be launched in 2020 and the new Mahindra Thar did look like a significant step up from the old Thar in terms of sophistication. But we just had to go and find out for ourselves how much better it was on tarmac, and more importantly, if it was still just as good off-road as well. It turned out to be quite an experience but we’ll leave it up to you to see what actually happened!

4. Royal Enfield Classic 350 vs Meteor 350

The brand new Meteor 350 came in with a storm and instantly raised questions on whether it was still wise to get the Classic 350 instead. Well, we simply had to answer that question in our very own way, so what followed was a series of real world tests to see which one was our pick. Of course, the Classic 350 is due for an update in 2021 but for those in the market looking for a 350cc Royal Enfield right now, this video is a must watch!

5. MG Gloster vs Ford Endeavour vs Toyota Fortuner

The big bad world of 7-seater SUVs is one of the most exciting segments in India and with the MG Gloster taking things up a notch in terms of luxury, we thought we’d pit it against two proven rivals - the Ford Endeavour and the Toyota Fortuner. This wasn’t just about the features and gadgets though - this time we went down to the basics of what an SUV stands for - Sportiness, Utility and how good each of these is as a daily driver!

6. Suzuki Gixxer 250 SF Endurance Race ft. Fat & Furious

It isn’t a secret that we at ZigWheels love our food as much as we love our bikes and when Suzuki sent us an invite to the Gixxer SF 250 Endurance Race we sent our fittest...err...fattest riders down to the track. Considering the riders they were up against were far lighter and some more experienced too, you’d expect Team Fat & Furious to be way behind on the timing sheets, right? Wrong! Watch the video to see how it went down!

7. Renault Kwid vs Maruti Alto K10 vs S-Presso: Off-road Challenge!

Small, everyday hatchbacks in an off-road challenge? You must think we’re off our rockers, but think about it - in rural India these are the vehicles doing daily runs not only on whatever tarmac they can find but also through the most rugged of roads. Besides, most cars seem like a magic carpet on smooth roads so we put these three contenders through some serious real world scenarios to see what they’re made of.

8. Hero XPulse 200 vs Royal Enfield Himalayan BS6 vs KTM 390 Adventure

Before you go pointing out how different these three motorcycles are, let us clarify that this was more a test of brains than outright brawn. With the touring space expanding in India, we decided to take these three likely choices of affordable touring motorcycles to go visit a little piece of Africa right here in our country. While our hosts kept dissing each other through highways, trails and proper off-road sections, there was a humbling surprise in the end!

9. Mahindra Thar vs Hero XPulse: Which is better for newbie off-roaders

The premise was simple - if you want to get into off-roading and chasing destinations off the map, then which is the better vehicle for you - the new Mahindra Thar that has the stability of four wheels or the much cheaper, agile and more manageable Hero XPulse. So we put PowerDrift’s god of motorcycling - Shumi in the Thar and our very own track star Zaran on the XPulse. With both men out of their comfort zones, hilarity ensued!

10. 125cc Scooter Shootout

In the world of scooters, it’s the 125cc segment that has the most action for now and it’s got every kind of machine out there - a maxiscooter, a retro one and even sporty ones. But we wanted to know which one is the most exciting of them all, so we took the Suzuki Burgman Street, TVS NTorq 125 Race Edition, Yamaha RayZR 125, Vespa Racing Sixties 125 and the Aprilia Storm 125 to a race track. And then another contender showed up with some more surprise real world tests!

11. Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 vs Kawasaki W800

When two young Bawajis go arguing about motorcycles, you know it's going to be as enjoyable as Bun-Maska and Chai! So we sent Jehan and Zaran to find out which is the best Non-British British motorcycle out there (if that makes sense). The homegrown Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 takes on the might of the more expensive Japanese Kawasaki W800 in this very unique real world comparo of parallel twin motorcycles.

12. All the KTM Dukes go to meet the 390 Adventure

It’s the most exciting time in the office when there’s a new motorcycle around the corner and with the KTM 390 Adventure set to be shown off for the first time, our bike test crew just couldn’t hold in their excitement. So they took every model of the KTM Duke on sale in India to go see how good the 390 Adventure was. Of course, they didn’t tell Kartikeya about their little trip, so imagine their surprise when he showed up on the Duke 790!

13. TVS XL100 Comfort Touring in Sri Lanka

It’s customary to punish Zaran at ZigWheels and there doesn’t even need to be any reason to. So for one of his first ever videos on our YouTube channel we sent him to go touring in Sri Lanka. While most of you would think that’s more of a reward than a punishment, you’d be glad to know he had to do 700km on a TVS XL100 moped. And then there was rain. Lots of rain.

14. KTM 390 Adventure Review

It was the motorcycle that would revolutionise the adventure motorcycling space in India. It was going to be mighty quick both on and off-road. But just how good was it? Kartikeya took Priyadarshan along to see just that in our KTM 390 Adventure review and there was lots of mud, a few falls and tons of revelations.

15. Ather 450 vs TVS NTorq 125 Drag Race

It’s the classic question - which is faster - Electric motor or conventional Internal Combustion? With the Ather 450 making waves in the electric scooter world and set to challenge the established order we took it to the drag strip to prove its mettle against the zippy TVS NTorq. We even balanced rider weight for fairness. Go watch! 

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