Tesla’s Best Selling Models For 2020 Revealed

It’s set to begin its Indian ops in early 2021 with the debut model being the Model 3

  • Tesla currently offers four models: S, 3, X, Y.
  • The entry-level Model 3 and Model Y are the main cash cows for Tesla.
  • Bookings for Model 3 to begin soon in India.

Tesla, one of the world’s famous electric carmakers, will be starting its Indian Ops this year. The Model 3 will be the debut model before Tesla’s other cars are launched in the country. Tesla will be testing the Indian waters before setting up its own Giga factory. But we all know Tesla manufacturers impressive electric cars and to prove their popularity, we have the detailed 2020 sales figures. 


Tesla currently manufacturers four cars: two sedans and two SUVs. The sedans consist of the entry-level Model 3, which incidentally is the world’s favourite electric sedan and the flagship Model S. The SUV lineup consists of the Model Y and the flagship Model X. Here’s how these cars performed in 2020:




Model S / X



Model 3 / Y






Tesla produced 54,805 units of the Model S and X, but 57,309 units have been delivered to customers. But the main chunk of its total sales is from its entry-level models: the Model 3 and Y. A whopping 4,54,932 units have been produced and 4,42,511 units have been delivered to customers. 


In total Tesla manufactured 5,09,737 electric cars and delivered 4,99,550 units to customers. This is quite a strong show from the electric carmaker despite the lockdown imposed in various countries to contain the coronavirus pandemic. With its Indian ops set to begin action soon, we expect these numbers to further improve. 


The Model 3, likely to be priced around the Rs 60 lakh mark, will be the first model to be launched in the country. It recently got a refresh in the form of a MY2021 update that packed in a new rear-wheel drive variant, more features and a minor nip and tuck. It could also be India’s first long range electric sedan once it goes on sale later this year. Read about the Model 3 by clicking here

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