Suzuki Access 125 BS6: Your Questions Answered

All the burning questions regarding Suzuki’s recent update of its most popular product


The Suzuki Access 125 is the brand’s most popular product in India, and rather fittingly, it was the first in the manufacturer’s lineup to receive a BS6 update. We had a chance to ride the Access 125 BS6 recently, and we saw that you guys have some interesting questions regarding the new scooter. So we’re here to answer them for you.

Is it necessary to always have a small amount of fuel in the tank?

While the previous Access was carburetted, the BS6 version has received fuel-injection in order to comply with the stricter emission norms. This means the addition of a fuel pump placed inside the fuel tank. This fuel pump is of the submerged type, and it is cooled and lubricated by the fuel itself. It also runs as soon as the ignition is turned on. Hence, a small amount of fuel (around 0.8L to 1L) should always be left inside the fuel tank, since running the pump dry could cause excessive wear and damage.

Can the LED headlight be fitted to older models?

The addition of an LED headlight is one of the few visible updates to the Access BS6. It’s quite a smart-looking unit and one of the few LED headlights we’ve tested on two-wheelers that has actually impressed us with its performance. Unfortunately, the Suzuki service personnel we spoke to told us that this unit cannot be retrofitted to older versions of the Access.

Is it suitable for long distance riding?

Now, scooters certainly aren’t the first thing to come to mind when you think of long distance riding. That being said, the Access has comfortable, upright ergonomics, the seat is well-padded and doesn’t give you any aches even over longer durations of time, the motor is grunty enough to sit at 80kmph all day and also refined enough to not give you pins and needles while doing it. Heck, you should even be able to manage over 200km on a single tank, so if you really need to take it on that long ride, you can do so without worry.

What are the exact mileage figures?

Thanks to fuel-injection, the Access is not only quicker than its predecessor but also more fuel efficient. Pottering about within the city, you’ll manage 52.45kmpl, and the highway figure is a very impressive 57.22kmpl. For reference, the BS4 version returns 51.3kmpl and 52.7kmpl respectively.

Does the underseat storage compartment get hot?

The 125cc motor sits just underneath the storage compartment. It is a fan-cooled unit, but it can still get a little hot in slow-moving city traffic or prolonged high-RPM highway use. Under these conditions, some of this heat can make its way to the storage compartment, but never to a dangerously high level. And this is the case with most petrol-powered scooters out there as well. If you do need to carry something that’s very temperature-sensitive, the Access offers a cubbyhole on the back of the apron.

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