Kia Carens Gets A Recall For Software Update

Speculated malfunction of airbag control software to be addressed through the recall

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Kia India has announced a country-wide recall of its MPV, the Carens, in light of a possible defect in the airbag control module (ACU) software. 

Through the recall, Kia will check for any possible errors in the software, which will be rectified with the help of a free-of-cost software update. All Kia owners will be notified about this recall by the marque and will allow them to schedule an appointment at the time of their convenience. 

What is an airbag control module (ACU)?

Cars, especially in the modern day and age, are full of control modules responsible for the actuation of their respective function. In this case, the ACU is responsible for the deployment of an airbag during a collision, as the whole system is operated by it.

During a crash, the ACU detects the collision and relays the signal to the airbags, which then get deployed immediately. It also stores the information pertaining to the crash, including throttle position, engine speed, speed change on impact, and more to later decipher the cause of the accident.

A faulty ACU might not detect a crash and relay the signal for the deployment of the airbags, which is undoubtedly a safety hazard for the passenger inside. 

You can go through the press release for further information:

Kia India recalls Carens for a software update

New Delhi, 04 October 2022: Kia India, one of the fastest growing car manufacturers in the country, today announced a ‘Voluntary Recall campaign’ for a software update of the Kia Carens. Kia India is committed to provide a superlative ownership experience to its customers by offering an evolved brand experience. The company conducts regular checks and rigorous testing of components, governed by Kia’s global standard. As a responsible corporation, the company has decided to voluntarily recall the vehicles for inspection; and if required, a software update will be provided free of cost.

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This voluntary recall campaign is being undertaken by Kia India to inspect any potential error in Air Bag Control module (ACU) software in the Kia Carens. The company will take utmost care to minimise inconvenience to customers throughout the process of this campaign.

Kia India will directly reach out to the owners of the concerned vehicles to update them about this voluntary recall campaign. Customers of the affected vehicles would be required to get in touch with their respective Kia Authorized dealers to schedule an appointment. Additionally, they can also visit the Kia India website (https://www.kia.com/in/home.html) or Kia App or contact the Kia Call Centre -1800-108-5000 (toll free). 

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