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  • Q. I am confused between Ciaz Automatic Petrol vs Honda City CVT Petrol and Hyundai Verna Automatic (Petrol). Can you suggest the best buy for me, my majority of the drive is with-in city and around 50 kms per day?
    Zigwheels | 1 year ago

    If you need more mileage in less price the go for the Maruti Ciaz whereas for more power and features go can for the Hyundai Verna. Our suggestion would be to Honda City due it is the best combination of both the worlds. Click on the given link to compare both the cars: https://www.zigwheels.com/compare-cars/honda-city-vs-hyundai-verna-vs-maruti-suzuki-ciaz

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  • Q. I want to buy Ciaz Delta automatic. Is rear camera available in this variant? If not, is company providing it as accessory?
    Guru | 1 year ago

    You get a difference about 3000-4000 even more than that (depends on every dealer). But,if u plan to buy an aftermarket.he must be trusted one for sure or else he might be Ur friend.In such conditions u have way to go.But if u're a noob in it . I recommend u to go with dealer as safety as concerned

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  • Q. Is Ciaz 1500cc automatic perferred over manual?
    Zigwheels | 1 year ago

    The Automatic cars are generally preferred when mostly the car is driven in the city so that the driver can drive hassle-free in heavy traffic. On the highways, the Manual transmission is preferred because of the better performance and good fuel economy. The car enthusiast and people who love to drive prefer manual transmission because then the driver can drive the car according to there driving style and their own preferred gear shifting ratios. It like the driver has a better hold on the vehicle while driving in a manual transmission. However, Automatic has their own forte.If you drive mostly in the city or somewhere the traffic is high then you can go with the Maruti Ciaz AT whereas if you drive your cars mostly on the highways or loves to drive within your own style you can go with the Ciaz MT. The Ciaz MT may help you obtain a good fuel economy if you drive it in a certain required way.

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    Maruti Ciaz Price & Variants FAQs

    Q. Is Maruti Ciaz available through CSD canteen?
    A. Yes, Maruti Ciaz is available through CSD canteen.
    Q. What are the petrol variants of Maruti Ciaz?
    Maruti Ciaz is available in 8 Petrol variants, out of which 3 are automatic and 5 are manual. The base Petrol variant Ciaz Sigma starts at Rs. 8.31 Lakh. and the top-end Petrol variant Ciaz Alpha AMT is priced at Rs. 11.09 Lakh.
    Q. What are the automatic variants of Maruti Ciaz?
    Maruti Ciaz is available in 3 Automatic variants, out of which all are petrol. The base Automatic variant Ciaz Delta AMT starts at Rs. 9.97 Lakh and the top-end Automatic variant Ciaz Alpha AMT is priced at Rs. 11.09 Lakh.
    Q. What are the top variants of Maruti Ciaz?
    A. Maruti Ciaz is available in 8 variants:
    Sigma : Rs. 8.31 Lakh
    Delta : Rs. 8.93 Lakh
    Zeta : Rs. 9.7 Lakh
    Delta AMT : Rs. 9.97 Lakh
    Alpha : Rs. 9.97 Lakh
    S : Rs. 10.08 Lakh
    Zeta AMT : Rs. 10.8 Lakh
    Alpha AMT : Rs. 11.09 Lakh
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