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  • Q. I am looking for petrol car and confused between Ciaz top model and Verna 2nd top? Which is better? Is 165 mm ground clearance is sufficient in Indian roads?
    Deepesh | 1 year ago

    Ciaz shall be the better option, m driving it for around last one year, it is very spacious, most fuel efficient in its class, maximum ground clearance in its class, vast service network in India with spares available easily as compared to others. For City spares are not easily available, verna's spares are also costlier than ciaz.All in all Ciaz is a very good package. My Ciaz gives me 21.5 km/ltrs average in city traffic, thanks to its Diesel Hybrid engine.

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  • Q. I want to know about its mileage, road grip, top speed, suspension and how is overall experience - Ciaz?
    Zigwheels | 1 year ago

    With the update, the Ciaz gets a new 1.5-litre petrol engine paired with Suzuki’s mild-hybrid tech. Fire the motor up and it sputters to life with a mild thrum that quickly disappears. And, for the most part, the motor is happy being the quiet kid. It’s only when you poke it quite a bit does it get vocal. But that raspy engine note is oddly enjoyable. The new engine produces 105PS of power and 138Nm of torque. Quick maths will tell you that’s 12.5PS and 8Nm extra over the outgoing 1.4-litre motor. So, we weren’t really expecting it to kick us in the guts to begin with. And quite expectedly, it didn’t. To drive, it's more or less similar to the outgoing engine. It isn't particularly exciting in any manner. At the same time, it doesn't feel inadequate at any point either. If there’s one word that describes the Ciaz’ ride and handling, it’s ‘predictable’. There’s absolutely nothing here that seems out of line for a sedan its size, and nothing that’s extraordinary either. Over the smooth roads, the Ciaz felt nice and composed. As the speeds build up, it feels planted enough to inspire confidence in the driver. That said, at triple-digit speeds, rear seat occupants will feel some vertical movement as and when the car goes over or an expansion joint or an imperfection in the road surface. Low-speed ride, too, is comfortable. Ground clearance isn’t an issue either, and the Ciaz managed to tackle non-existent roads well. Expect some side-to-side rocking through really bad craters, though. Read more: - 2018 Maruti Suzuki Ciaz vs Rivals: Spec Comparison: https://www.zigwheels.com/news-features/news/new-maruti-suzuki-ciaz-vs-honda-city-vs-hyundai-verna-vs-toyota-yaris-spec-comparison/31718/ - 2018 Maruti Suzuki Ciaz: First Drive Review: https://www.zigwheels.com/reviews-advice/reviews/2018-maruti-suzuki-ciaz-first-drive-review/31724/

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  • Q. Is it possible to increase the Ciaz car Tyre size?
    Thomas | 1 month ago

    It is better to use only the tyres which are fitted by the Manufacturer. You can fit wider tyres provided the OD of the tyre is similar to the tyres that are fitted originally by the Manufacturer. For this you will have to contact some Sales Staff of a Tyre Manufacturer who has knowledge about this or a Tyre Dealer who knows how to calculate the Overall Dimensions of a Tyre. But please note the following......(i) mileage may decrease (ii) check if your car is under warranty and whether the warranty will be affected by using tyres other than those prescribed . No manufacturer or Authorised Dealer will recommend Tyres other than what is prescribed for the Model and any changes made in the size of the Tyre will be at your own risk.

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    Maruti Ciaz Engine FAQs

    Q. Is Maruti Ciaz available in automatic transmission?
    A. Yes. Maruti Ciaz available in automatic variants
    Q. Is Maruti Ciaz available in petrol version?
    A. Yes. Maruti Ciaz available in petrol engine option.
    Q. Is Maruti Ciaz available in diesel version?
    A. No. Currently there is no diesel engine option available on Maruti Ciaz.
    Q. What is the engine power of Maruti Ciaz petrol version?
    A. The engine power of Maruti Ciaz petrol version is 103.25bhp@6000rpm.
    Q. What is the engine power of Maruti Ciaz diesel version?
    A. The engine power of Maruti Ciaz diesel version is 88.50bhp@4000rpm.
    Q. What is torque of Maruti Ciaz?
    A. The torque of Maruti Ciaz is 138Nm@4400rpm.
    Q. How many cylinders does Maruti Ciaz has?
    A. Maruti Ciaz comes with 4 cylinders.
    Q. How many gears available in Maruti Ciaz?
    A. There are 5 Speed gears available in Maruti Ciaz.
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