• Q. Which is better between Dominar 400 and Apache RR 310

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    Sathyajith | 4 months ago

    RR310 is a premium category bike.It doesn't produce as much power as the Dominar, but it's a much linear delivery of power, so it won't be intimidating for a fairly new rider.It has very good styling, excellent road presence, considerably better after sales support.Maintenance wise it won't break your wallet either.On the other hand, Dominar is a much more VFM product.The new version now even comes with an engine that produces 40HP, 5HP more than the RR310.Dominar is no doubt the faster motorcycle of the two and sounds better as well.And in my personal opinion, Dominar is a much more usable bike interms of daily commute due to its seating posture and a refined engine.So, if you're looking for a bike for mostly touring and occasional city rides with best possible reliability go for RR310. For anything and everything else go with Dominar, you definitely won't be disappointed. Good Luck !

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    Rushi | 1 year ago

    Here are the points to consider:1. comfortApache 3/5domi 4/52. looks Apache 5/5domi 4/53. overall handlingApache 4/5domi 3/54. value for money Apache 4/5domi 4/55. after sales cost:Apache 2/5domi 4/56. spares price:Apache 2/5domi 4/57. parts availability:apache 3/5domi 4/58. local mechanics availability (for minor issues like chain lock, gear lever, etc)Apache 3/5domi 4/5in the end, ride both motorcycles and decide.both are of different budget bikes, and both has different characteristics.If touring is priority,then dominar makes more sense, touring below 500 kms a day then Apache is also good. people have done ladakh on Apache too, depends on rider fitness and skills.I would choose Apache mainly for my riding style.

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