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TVS Apache RR 310
TVS Apache RR 310
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  • Redefining Performance with Precision

    The TVS Apache RTR 310, in no doubt, is a pure manifestation of acute engineering and technological advancements and therefore, it gives 360° speed and agility in the way it works. That big 310 cc engine is located in the core of this laboriously made engine, which is meant to ensure massive acceleration and exhilarating top speed, thus organizing every ride as a surging adrenaline effects. Its slender and aerodynamic form expresses both style and better ability to move through air without losing performance or stability. This ensure that even at high-speed operation, it has a proper grip on the ground.

  • Dominate the Racetrack and the Streets

    TVS Apache RR 310 is sportbike that has nobility of race winning heritage and also provides versatility of everyday use on the street and is offering unparallel mixture of track-oriented performance and street friendly comfort. The skinny bodywork with angular apertures, sharp lines, and a distinctive twin-LED headlight design depicts racing DNA and aerodynamics in its agility, reflecting the significant development of the all-new aerodynamic system. This is a machine that is driven by an advanced 310cc 1-cylinder engine with liquid cooling and fuel injection. Its powerful operation gives you that unparalleled acceleration and swift throttle response throughout the rev range.

  • Performance focus bike

    The main focus of this bike is on the performance and is the most aggressive and stylish looking bike. The quality of this bike is very decent and is the most feature loaded bike and get a sporty riding position but the brakes is not that good. The handling of TVS Apache RR 310 is commandable and is a very lovely bike for the city and for the long runs. With the performance oriented it is a great value for money bike and got everthing in this bike that we expect from a bike.

  • do not settle for less

    Once I tried this bike and I feel good for its performance, The riding position is a bit aggressive. The 313cc engine  giving you decent power for city riding and some highway thrills. You can hit speeds of up to 170 kmph, which is plenty fast for most riders. It's mileage can vary depending on riding style, but expect around 25-30 kmpl. It is offering a good balance of performance, features, and price. The suspension handles bumps well, but some riders find it a bit stiff. Overall, the performance is good, but don't expect to win drag races

  • Ride in Luxury TVS Apache RR 310

    The TVS Apache RR 310's big comfort and sophisticated Looks hoist every ride. I'm a rider who appreciates refinement and Looks, therefore I'm fully in admiration of this model's offer. It stands out as a great option for anyone appearing for an upmarket riding experience because of its sumptuous commands and advanced Design. I've been veritably impressed by the TVS Apache RR 310's capacity to combine comfort and Looks, which is why it's my 2 wheeler of liberty when it comes to touring in Looks and comfort.

  • Fuel Efficiency Meets Power

    Not only is the TVS Apache RR 310 a bike, but it's an assiduity metric, combining Power and energy frugality to produce new marks. A instigative and effective ride is guaranteed by its strong machine and responsive Performance, which are reflected in its aerodynamic Looks and advanced Design, which also represent its racing rubric. With its Advanced Performance and energy frugality, the RR 310 offers an Advanced experience, whether i am blasting up the track and floating through the city Highways. I can experience the exhilaration of riding like never before because to its Modern features and delicate workmanship, which give delicacy and control in every shift.

  • Powerful, stylish and modern

    TVS Apache RR 310 is definitely not only a sportsbike, but also a well-designed and adrenaline-high speeding partner for those who get their kicks on an open road. The motorcycle's fierce look with thin lines and wind-cut fairings grabs attention wherever it goes, thereby making you an authentic traveler. Under its exterior, it’s a brute 312cc engine that just delivers clean power. Furthermore, not only the speed constitutes the merits of the Apache RR 310, as it has a futuristic digital instrument cluster, which allows smartphone connection for easy flow of information and entertainment.

  • Apache RR 310: Beauty and Beast, Rolled into one

    The TVS Apache RR 310 has been my pride and joy for a while now. This bike is a stunner with its sharp, aerodynamic design that just screams speed. It performs marvelously with its 312cc engine delivering a robust 34HP. The handling is precise, making it a dream to ride on both highways and city streets.The ride can get quite stiff particularly on the uneven surfaces common in Indian urban landscapes. And while it is a performance beast the fuel efficiency leaves a bit to be desired. Plus the high seat height might not be everyone's cup of tea.

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