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Yamaha FZ 25
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  • Good Bike

    It offers comfort both in city and on highways, making it a great choice in the 250 cc segment due to its affordability and performance. The mileage is impressive, averaging around 40 on highways and 35 in the city. Its dual-channel ABS enhances braking power significantly, making it safer to ride. The FZ25 is also suitable for long rides. However, its maintenance costs are higher compared to other bikes in its class. One drawback is the lower ground clearance, and it lacks a gear shift indicator. Additionally, it has an oil-cooled engine. I have faced an issue where the engine malfunction indicator lights up after the bike is washed with water.

  • Yamaha FZ 25 Dynamic Street Fighter

    My favored option for an instigative road combat experience is the Yamaha FZ 25. My bike has a excellent best experience and a muscular looks, which I love. Because of its strong machine and skillful running, riding it on winding roads and megacity Streets is actually thrilling. A head- turning presence on the road is guaranteed by the ambitious performance and coincidental features. I like how ultrapractical features like the digital instrument package and LED lighting make the ride more comfortable and Stylish. My love for my bike only deepens because of its inconceivable dexterity and ingenious looks. The Yamaha FZ 25 is More than exclusively a ride. it's a confident, Stylish road legionnaire that rules the megacity.

  • I have 2017 model, i have

    I have 2017 model, I have driven over 50000km on it this bike is great for day to day use as well as for touring purposes, You won’t be disappointed but when i am on highway i miss 6th gear, Having a 250cc bike yamaha should have given 6th gear, Currently i am getting a mileage of 35 to 40 kmpl very easily which make it pocket friendly and this bike also low maintenance overall this bike worth it

  • wonderful performance

    Me as a owner generally enjoy the FZ 25 for its well-rounded performance and ease of use. The FZ 25 is known for its decent mileage. The plush seat and upright riding position are comfortable. The suspension handles bumps well, offering a smooth ride quality. The engine offers good torque, giving you a good push. It's Servicing costs are reasonable, and also the bike is having relatively low maintenance. The Yamaha FZ 25 is a solid option for riders looking for a comfortable, fuel-efficient, and reliable everyday motorcycle.

  • Aggressive Styling, Power-Packed Performance.

    With the Yamaha FZS 25, bold Looks and powerful Performance. With every ride, this powerful bike is Aspects to turn heads and give an exhilarating Performance. The FZS 25 guarantees accurate running and rapid-fire acceleration on any road thanks to its robust construction and strong machine. With every twist of the throttle, this bike offers Advanced Performance and Looks, whether i am riding through the city and probing the great outside. Prepare myself to enjoy the stylish practicable riding experience with the Yamaha FZS 25.

  • Yamaha FZ 25 Born to Dominate, Built to Perform

    It feels like embracing a engine that was Aspects to exceed and subordinate when you get upon the Yamaha FZ 25. far and wide i go, its bold Design and muscular construction prisoner concentration and turn heads with its energy and Performance. i can confidently attack any road thanks to the powerful machine and quick running, which guarantee an instigative and precise ride. The FZ 25 delivers an Advanced riding experience in tours of Performance and fineness thanks to its Modern features and delicate workmanship. It's further than precisely a bike; it represents my love of celerity and excitement as well as my devotion to riding to the bite of Performance.

  • Power Unleashed, Precision Perfected

    From Yamaha FZ 25, symphonies of empowerment and precision manifest, drawing the riders into the zone where every twist of the throttle becomes music of performance. Getting this great 250-cc motor the FZ 25 is a great product on the road, making it easy to achieve the perfect power-confidence balance. Its pronounced design and angular silhouette speak a big language, while also making it more aerodynamical. Soaring on the FZ 25 is a journey to the center of fine balance, where might reaches out for delicacy via the ones closest to the heart.

  • Yamaha FZ 25: The Balanced Performer

    I set my sights on the Yamaha FZ 25. Its promises of balanced performance and affordability had me intrigued. Here is my take after putting it through its paces. The FZ 249cc engine producing 20.8 bhp and 20.1 Nm of torque offers a smooth and enjoyable ride whether in the city or on the highway. Its lightweight (153 kg) design makes it easy to maneuver. The bike design is sleek with an aggressive stance that turns heads. I wished Yamaha had been a bit more generous with the features especially considering the competition in this segment.

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