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Yamaha Aerox 155
Yamaha Aerox 155
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  • Sporty and Agile Urban Commuter

    The Yamaha Aerox 155 is the perfect super scooter for the adventurous riders who wish to enrich their riding experience with its sporty design, agility on roads, and impressive performance of this scooter, both during the rush hour and off-road ventures. A 155cc water-cooled engine harnessed by this scooter provides ample acceleration and propels you to exhilarating top speed, providing unmatchable power for both city traffic and fast highways. The sharp and aerodynamic design, characterized by the lines, LED lighting and a sport drainpipe, extremely dynamic and modern, and it is a phenomenon that turns heads were the TSL operates.

  • Most eye catching look

    It is the most sporty and aggressive looking scooter and mainly people buy this scooter for its looks and it gives around 40 kmpl of mileage. It provides great feature list and comes with the modern features but does not feel quick. It is totally free from vibration at top speed and the engine is refined and silent and also the handling of this scooter is nicer and the build quality is good but not the best. It is a attention grabbing scooter but is not comfortable.

  • making journeys more fun

    My maternal uncle's owned this vehicle few months ago. It not gives the most comfortable ride on bumpy roads. It's 155cc, liquid-cooled engine with good power (15hp) and torque (13.9Nm) is a positive point. But a negative point from my point of view is Mileage is around 40 kmpl, which is decent for the performance but not amazing compared to other scooters. Price is bit higher higher as compared to other 150cc scooters. it's a basic scooter with a focus on performance. Overall I am not satisfied with this.

  • Aswome riding

    It's aswome riding am use first time aerox 155 it's very nice look and power full i love it am already book my bike in kochin

  • Aerodynamic Performance, Urban Dominance.

    For like me riders who value celerity and Looks above everything differently on their diurnal commute, the Yamaha Aerox 155 sets a new standard with its aerodynamic Performance and aggressive City supremacy. I am a road legionnaire who looks for both fineness and , therefore this model's immolation has won my comprehensive reference. It stands out as a top option for anyone appearing for exhilarating rides and smooth because of its satiny appearance and strong machine. My preference for instigative peregrination with a touch of fineness and celerity is the Yamaha Aerox 155 because of its seeing print- making aerodynamic Performance and City domination.

  • Ignite My Passion for Adventure

    The Yamaha Aerox 155's powerful Performance and advanced Design are like a spark to my letch for adventure when I ride it. Its ambitious posture and athletic appearance make it a real head- acrobat on the road, while its strong machine and nimble running make for an instigative and thrilling ride. A ride that is Best in Performance and exhilaration, whether I am speeding through city Highways and conning narrow mountain roads, is handed by the Aerox 155. It provides the stylish riding experience practicable because to its Modern features and technology. It's further than exclusively a scooter; it represents Yamaha's fidelity to invention and exemplifies the company's convention of high Performance.

  • A Sporty Commuter with a Punch

    The Yamaha Aerox 155 is a performant and stylish scooter designed for urban mobility. It combines the benefits of portability, low cost, and convenient parking with a sporty, forceful look and feel. There is no mistake the attractive design and hefty look of this off-roader are more than obvious. They are the reason why curious glances become a common trait along the way. Its amazing sportiness ensures that it is responsive and maneuvers effortlessly. You'll get the best comfort and luxury with the avant-garde features such as the impressive digital instrumentation and LED lights.

  • Zipping Through the City

    The Yamaha Aerox 155 has been a thrilling companion on my urban adventures. Its sporty look catches eyes and the performance backs up the aesthetics wonderfully. The 155cc engine, capable of churning out 15 hp is a gem making every ride exciting yet smooth. Fuel efficiency is respectable for its class comes around 45 kmpl which is quite decent for its power.However the ride can get a little harsh on rough terrains thanks to its stiff suspension setup. And while the under seat storage is generous, I have struggled a bit with smaller storage compartments for personal items.

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