KTM RC Cup Mumbai City Round Experience: A Gateway To Dream Big?

With a trip to Austria on the line, you’d think that stakes couldn’t be higher

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Ready To Race. A wild orange brand has etched these words into our minds over the past ten and a half years. We all know the incredible excitement KTM bikes are capable of offering, and if they present an opportunity of experiencing the same thrill but in a safe space, I’m sure very few will be able to decline. 

Well, with the KTM RC Cup making a grand comeback to India, it was only about time that I found myself on track, onboard a KTM RC 390 GP Edition. What was at stake was a trip to Austria to interact with riders from the KTM Factory Racing team, along with watching them in action at the Austrian MotoGP race.

Back To School

On a chilly Saturday morning, the Raymond’s helipad in Thane was converted into a makeshift track, and in one corner lay 18 swanky KTM RC 390 GP editions, sporting race numbers. Being a 390 Duke owner, I was eligible to register and participate in the event.

Powering the KTM RC Cup is one of India’s premier race academy Gusto Racing. And just like a typical Level 1 training session, all participants of the RC Cup undergo a series of theory classes followed by some practice sessions on track to apply their learnings consisting of vision, body position and race lines. 

Crunch Time

Countless participants thronged the event in the hope of earning some orange glory. Hence, saddle time for practice was scarce, particularly due to receding sunlight. The fastest time before I could get on track stood at 29.7 seconds, which was blisteringly quick. That said, a lap time under 34 seconds would’ve put me in the top ten. 

I tried to put my best foot forward, and unfortunately, my over-eagerness resulted in making a few braking errors. The tight layout meant mistakes would be expensive, and as only one lap time is counted, my timing of 36.1 seconds wasn’t enough to get me through to the next round.

A Day Well Spent

Take away the competitive side of things, and there was a lot to be learnt during the day. Being in the company of like-minded people, having conversations about your orange set of wheels, and sharing life-experiences can always be rewarding, and hence I would recommend KTM owners to sign up for their city rounds of the RC Cup.

I knew getting into the top ten was possible, but beating the fastest time wasn’t. Being in my most unfit shape, it’s time to now swap my 390 Duke for a Hero Lectro F1 electric cycle. Stay tuned to this space for a full review of the Hero Lectro F1.

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