VW Virtus vs Polo 1-litre TSI MT Compared; Can The New Age VW Keep Up With The Old One?

Volkswagen’s 1-litre TSI engine is the mainstay in the range and has powered plentiful old and new VW Group cars. We pick an icon and a new age sedan to see how they perform


The Polo TSI, with its 110PS 1-litre TSI engine and 6-speed manual, was one of the most fun-to-drive VWs you can buy south of Rs 10 lakh. Its engine had plenty of poke, the handling was taut, and the build was tough. With the Polo gracefully laid to rest, the Virtus is the new fun-to-drive VW that you can buy. And this bright blue Virtus that is gleaming in Pune’s gloomy weather has the 1-litre TSI engine, albeit with 5PS of additional oomph. 


So in this report, we were itching to find out if the new age VW can keep up with one of the icons. VW fanboys, this one's for you. Buckle up and join us for this drive. 

Acceleration Test



Virtus TSI MT*


9.66 seconds

10.66 seconds 

30-80kmph (3rd Gear)

8.54 seconds

8.48 seconds

40-100kmph (4th Gear)

13.74 seconds 

13.64 seconds

*Tested in wet conditions

The Polo TSI, which we managed to test in dry conditions, is a second quicker than the Virtus. With the monsoon in full swing in Pune and road conditions being greasy, getting the perfect launch in the Virtus was a bit tricky. The best we could manage was 10.66 seconds from nought to 100kmph. In dry conditions, we are pretty sure the sedan could manage a sub-10-second sprint time. 

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But in a more realistic way regardless of weather conditions, it’s the in-gear acceleration that matters, and here’s where the sedan claims some points. In both the 30-80kmph run and 40-100kmph runs, the sedan, with its 5PS power advantage, was just a whisker ahead of the Polo. So, in terms of performance, it’s fair to say that they are on a par with each other. 

What About Fuel Efficiency? 



Virtus TSI MT*








It’s clearly evident that the Polo TSI is the more fuel-efficient car out of the duo, especially in town, where it returned an incredible 15.16kmpl, around 3kmpl more than the sedan. On the highway, once again, the Virtus is the thirstiest one out of the two. 



Within the confines of this test, it’s the Polo that comes out victorious. Yes, it’s not fair for the Virtus to be tested for acceleration in wet conditions, but the hatchback is the one that offers the best balance between performance and fuel efficiency. That’s why the Polo is the winner of this particular test. Are you team Polo or team Virtus? Let us know in the comments below.

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