Renault Reveals New Megane RS Trophy, A Special Twingo And Lutecia at Tokyo

Renault’s pavillion was full of promising production models

  • Renault unveiled the Paris edition Twingo at the Motor Show.
  • Fifth-generation Renault Lutecia displayed.
  • Renault Megane RS Trophy exhibited.

Renault showed off special editions and a performance variant of its existing line-up at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show. The company exhibited three cars: the Twingo, Lutecia, and Megane RS Trophy. While the fifth-generation Clio-based Lutecia was unveiled for the Japanese market, the Twingo got a special ‘polished in Paris’ edition. The new Megane RS Trophy edition also broke cover. It is unlikely that either of the three cars will ever make their way to India, but here’s what the latest iterations have in store for you. Renault India, we see you making an effort with the Kwid, but how about one of these next? 

Twingo Polished In Paris

The Twingo got a special edition, which added various new design features. One change is the colour scheme - the new Twingo will be available in Jaune Mango, Rouge Flamme, Vert Pistache, Bleu Dragee, and Blanc Cristal. On the inside, the Twingo gets leather on the dashboard, steering wheel, and gear knob. Under the rear hatch sits a turbocharged 970cc three-cylinder petrol engine, which powers the rear wheels with 92PS and 135Nm of torque. The transmission is a 6-speed EDC or efficient dual-clutch. Prices for the Twingo start from JPY 1,986,000 or about Rs 13.02 lakh.

Megane RS Trophy

This is the same performance variant of the Megane supermini which, earlier this year, broke the Nurburgring Nordschleife record for the fastest front-engined, front-wheel-drive production car. The Megane is in its fourth generation. It comes with a 1.8-litre turbocharged four-cylinder engine, which makes 300PS and 400Nm of torque (420Nm for the dual-clutch variant). The Cup chassis is complemented by a Torsen electronically controlled limited-slip differential (LSD). The price of the top-spec, dual-clutch variant of the RS Trophy is quoted at JPY 4,990,000 or Rs 32.67 lakh.  


The Clio’s fifth-generation debuted at the Geneva Motor Show this year, with the promise of being more than a mere facelift. Renault claims that along with the exterior, the interior has been completely renewed with upmarket trim to improve the feel and ambience of the cabin. On the outside, the Lutecia now looks like a shrunken Megane, with almost identical C-shaped headlamps. Inside, it gets a new 9-inch infotainment touchscreen, which is placed portrait-style on the top of the dash. Another addition is a new exterior paint colour, Valencia Orange. 

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